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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 29 October 2003]

Football charity

This week’s Monday Night Football game was moved to Tempe, AZ due to San Diego’s Qualcomm stadium being used as shelter for fire victims. Admission was free, with a twist: fans were asked to make a charitable contribution to help the relief efforts. I have to admit ignorance as to the cost of a football ticket, but I (in my ignorant little heart) figured that people would drop that amount for charity and consider it the cost of admission, but with the proceeds going to help fire victims instead of more crack for football players.

No such luck.

65,000 people showed up, netting $225,000. In other words, $3.46 per person. That’s just sad.

Julian Wright, co-owner of the Library Bar and Grill on Mill Avenue, is quoted as saying: “And football fans, they’re not the classiest crowd.”

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