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Book roundup, part 34

We pour one out for The Expanse and Sandman Slim, and we raise our glasses for a sequel to Malazan. Also, an extra-bleak Holocaust tour and a discussion of how cults control their members through language. Includes Cultish, Nein, Nein, Nein, Driven, Happy-go-Lucky, The Nineties, Fargo Rock City, The Scholast in the Low Water Kingdom, King Bullet, The God is Not Willing, and Leviathan Falls.



Book roundup, part 33

Why your body hurts, lots of politics, and some truly demented grimdark fantasy in this installment. Includes Reign of Terror, Evolution Gone Wrong, The Cruelty is the Point, How to be a Liberal, The Splendid and the Vile, Deep Work, A Desolation Called Peace, Black Stone Heart, and She Dreams in Blood.


Watching M*A*S*H in a pandemic

You never know how a creative expression will affect you.


Book roundup, part 32

Includes Everybody Has a Podcast (Except You), Pappyland, Backstory, and Medallion Status.


Hummingbird Dog Fight

Hummingbirds fighting for dominance in a Phoenix backyard.



Learning English from the TV

Alex Trebek was one of the people who welcomed Nic to America, many years ago.



Book roundup, part 31

Some very good history, some very strange novels and some slick space opera. Includes Enemy of all Mankind, A Very Punchable Face, Confederates in the Attic,Ballistic Kiss, Harrow the Ninth, The Library at Mount Char, Children of Time, The Last Emperox, and Cage of Souls.


Feline Follies Presents: The Uninvited

We are entertained by feline drama during quarantine.



Book roundup, part 30

Back once again with the sci-fi and general calamity. Includes The End is Always Near, Eat the Apple, A Memory Called Empire,Gideon the Ninth, Infinite Detail, Permafrost, Fallen, and The October Man.




Impressions moving from an Apple Watch Series 3 to Series 5

Is there reason to upgrade from a 3 to a 5?


Die in a ditch

After all these years, Nic still can’t understand the American attitude to healthcare.


Book roundup, part 29

A sci-fi and fantasy heavy installment that includes The Valedictorian of Being Dead, The Mastermind, Broadsword Calling Danny Boy,Tiamat’s Wrath, The Raven Tower, The Liberation, The Light Brigade and Cryptonomicon.



Book roundup, part 28

Includes The Incomplete Book of Running, Aching God, The Murderbot Diaries, Lies Sleeping, The Consuming Fire, and Rendezvous with Rama.



Las Vegas trip report

Did you know Las Vegas is kind of nutty?


Book roundup, part 27

Includes Hollywood Dead, Tales from the Loop, Things from the Flood, The Court of Broken Knives, and Port of Shadows.


“Cancel everything. You’re going into emergency surgery today”

Nic has a retinal tear and has his vision is saved by a laser.


Book roundup, part 26

Includes The Storm Before the Storm, White Trash, Calypso, Tell the Machine Goodnight, Prince of Fools, and Provenance.


Renewing the nerd card: Installing Ubiquiti UniFi in the house

The Internet tells Nic to install Ubiquiti gear in his house, so he does, and now he has thoughts.


Working in the pod mines

What I wish I’d known when I started podcasting.


Book roundup, part 25

Mostly excellent non-fiction in this installment. Includes Fantasyland, The Miracle of Dunkirk, Das Reich, The Undoing Project, Waiting for the Punch, Vacationland and Points of Impact.



A report from surveillance cylinder land as we wait for HomePod

Nic reports his experiences so far with voice computing from Amazon and Google and is a bit mystified at the reaction to Apple’s HomePod.



iPhone X impressions

After a few weeks of using iPhone X I’m ready to join the congratulatory choir.

Smart homes for the wealthy

Nic is interested in smart homes. His contractor let him know how the wealthy are already using them.


Book roundup, part 24

Lots of sci-fi in this installment. Includes Retribution, Boomerang, The Collapsing Empire, All Systems Red, and Ninefox Gambit.


Review: Bosch TV series

A longtime Bosch reader looks at the TV series.


Getting started with podcasting

A concise guide to getting started with podcasting, including equipment, editing, mic technique and hosting.

Review: Novels of the Malazan Empire

A worthy inclusion to the Malazan canon and great high fantasy to disappear into in troubled times.



Photos from Pacific Beach

The Lindhs visit Pacific Beach and discover a huge bass system and surfers.

Book roundup, part 23

Includes a mea culpa, Hillbilly Elegy, Gulp, The Stars are Legion, and The Kill Society.


Putting new gaskets on the Kamado grill

Nic commits putty knife violence on his grill to replace the gaskets.


Wings of Freedom

Remembering the cost of World War II through airplanes.


The pro market, the nerds, and the vision

Apple’s neglect of the pro market is causing a lot of gnashing of teeth in Apple-nerd circles, but it’s true to Apple’s vision.



What to expect when you’re expecting a Hackintosh

There is unrest in the Mac community about Apple’s commitment to the platform. Some are turning their eyes to building a Hackintosh to get the kind of computer Apple doesn’t provide. Here’s what it’s like to run a Hackintosh.



Book roundup, part 22

Lots of fiction series in this one. Includes Grunt, 1177 B.C., Louder Than Hell, Smarter Faster Better, The Hanging Tree, Death’s End, Chains of Command, and Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?.



Malazan Book of the Fallen

Hey kids, you like epic fantasy? ’Cause I've got some epic fantasy for you.

The car is going digital and that’s a good thing

Car nerds are dealing with some cognitive dissonance as car technology changes.

Review: Kindle Oasis

The Oasis is Amazon’s best e-ink reader to date, but it’s not good enough for the price.



“Tea, Earl Grey, hot”

Nic buys an Amazon Echo and is indubitably happy with the fantasy star ship in his head.

When the levee breaks

The Occupy movement, the Tea Party, and now Trump. America is angry.

It’s a content blocker, not an ad blocker

The problem isn’t ads. The problem is being stalked like an animal across the internet.


Review: Synology DS416j

The DS416j is a nice NAS for light home use. Just don’t expect raw power.


(Nerd Note) Moving to GitHub Pages

The Core Dump is moving to GitHub Pages. This is a good thing, most likely.

Time traveling with Friends

Tempus fugit and all that.


The tire fire of democracy

Nic has never been more worried for the future of America.

Book roundup, part 21

This installment features grimdark fantasy, peppy astronauts and the Roman Empire. Includes SPQR, And On That Bombshell, The Code Book, Schiit Happened, Beyond Redemption, The Severed Streets, The Martian and Veiled.


Space Shuttle Endeavour

Endeavour is a symbol of hope for a better future.

Review: The Revenant

A great 90 minute movie smothered in a 2-and-a-half-hour wreck.

Thoughts on the 2016 Prius v after a road trip

After a 1,000 mile road trip in his new Prius, Nic has thoughts and gripes.

Apple Watch, six months in

Thoughts on Apple Watch after half a year of daily usage.



It’s upgrade time: 2016 Prius v first impressions

Moving from a 1997 Honda Accord to a 2016 Prius is kind of a big deal.

Review: ELAC B6 bookshelf speakers

A great value for your sound system.


Magical thinking about encryption and privacy

Predictably, the Paris attacks brought the anti-encryption crowd back out of the woodwork. They're at best being willfully disingenuous.

Review: Spectre

A long-time Bond fan looks at the latest installment in the series and has thoughts.


Book roundup, part 20

Includes The Antidote, One Nation, Under Gods, Losing the Signal, The Todd Glass Situation, The Last Policeman, The Three-Body Problem, The Dark Forest, Beacon 23, Killing Pretty and Queen of Fire.

Building a static site for an investigative journalism project

Things to consider when planning to build a site on a compressed time table.

How to learn things you’re not interested in

A simple tip to help you learn things your brain wants nothing to do with.


Yearning for the Cold War

The GOP base is searching for a new Evil Empire to fight.

The one sentence rule

Nic gets in touch with his inner life coach and offers up a simple rule to find out if an idea is good or not.


Digital hygiene for online security and safety

Nic provides some basic not-too-paranoid tips for securing your digital life.

Closing loops

It’s not how much you have to do, it’s how many things you’re doing at the same time.

Jade Helm and the fever swamps of patriotism

Did you know the U.S. government is planning to invade Texas? Well, it’s not. Nic attempts to explain.

How to install Jekyll on Amazon Linux

Installing Jekyll on an EC2 Amazon Linux AMI is easy. Here are the steps.


Will Apple Watch be a success?

After wearing the watch for over a month, Nic has thoughts on its future. Spoiler: Depends on how you define success.


Book roundup, part 19

Lots of fantasy and sci-fi in this installment plus a book about sports! Includes Boy on Ice, Difficult Men, Restaurant Man, The Red Line, Cunning Plans, Seveneves, Nemesis Games, Bitter Seeds, The Mechanical, Angles of Attack, and City of Stairs.


Let’s all chill out about the iPad sales numbers

Turns out “it's just a big iPhone” is a stroke of genius.


Find Potter and bring him to Narnia

Deal with it, nerds.

Tech terms you might be misusing

Some technical terms still confuse people who should know better, like journalists.

Book roundup, part 18

Nic is sad about Terry Pratchett's passing. Includes No Land’s Man, Idiot America, Something Coming Through, The Burning Room, Foxglove Summer, and The Dark Defiles.


BlueBuds X and Jabra Revo Bluetooth headsets review

Bluetooth headsets are maturing rapidly and these are both good in their own ways and for different purposes.

Naked root domain with Amazon S3 without using Route 53

How to host a static site on Amazon S3 with an apex domain without using Amazon’s Route 53.

Say hello to Brimful Podcast

Nic finally launches his own podcast wherein he explains technology to humans.


Another shot of wet socks against net neutrality

The Republic prints another sad editorial about net neutrality. Nic’s regard couldn’t be any lower.

Against net neutrality

The Arizona Republic prints a willfully ignorant editorial against net neutrality. It makes Nic unhappy.

As the rage rages in the Tea Party’s rage

Nic tries to understand why people choose to live lives of fear and anger.


Death Traps and Fury

Fury is a relentlessly grim World War II movie, and as the source autobiography Death Traps makes clear, it should be.

New technology requires new thinking

People fear change, so new technology is used as as a faster version of the old. This makes technologists sad.

An HTML, CSS and JavaScript lesson plan

Nic provides a lesson plan for teaching total beginners HTML, CSS and JavaScript.



Book roundup, part 17

Things go dark and magical in this installment. Includes So, Anyway…, Yes Please, The Mirror Empire, London Falling, Broken Homes, Perfidia, The Peripheral, Burning Chrome, and the Bel Dame Apocrypha Omnibus.

Introducing the Link Dump

Nic moves his link blog where it should have been all along and has thoughts about Web hosting.

Our little sociopathic predator fluffballs

Nic ponders our relationship with our cats.

The glanceable wrist in your future

Nic loves his Pebble and looks forward to the Apple Watch, but realizes he’s in the minority.


The story we tell ourselves

Us humans filter everything we see and experience through our existing narrative. Nic finds this fascinating.

It's the words, stupid

Nic loves books, but he loves their content more.

Voting in America

The American voting system is stuck in a time warp. This makes Nic sad.


The Kindle Voyage is a solid update with an achilles heel

Should you upgrade to Amazon’s latest e-ink reader? Nic gives it a reluctant and somewhat perplexed nod.

Our technology is bad and we should feel bad

Nic is worried about the fragile state of our technology and thinks you should be as well.

Book roundup, part 16

Lots of good reads in this installment. Includes All Hell Let Loose, Metallica: This Monster Lives, 10% Happier, Onward, Echopraxia, Cibola Burn, The Getaway God, Lock In, The Red: First Light, Terms of Enlistment, and Lines of Departure.


The WATCH is nigh, and I don’t get it

Nic tries to understand the WATCH. It doesn’t go well.

Apple might enter the home integration field

Nic thinks home integration could be Apple’s next major category. Read on to find out why.


An Apple ebook reader would be nice

Nic is frustrated with his Kindle and would love to see Apple make an e-ink reader.

Flashing a Gigabyte BIOS should be easier than this

Once again user-interface ineptitude and Internet idiots make things harder than they have to be.

Red immigration meat in the Arizona primaries

There are ways to fix the illegal immigration problem. They don’t involve yelling at children in buses. Nic explains.


Book roundup, part 15

Solid reads abound in this installment of the roundup. Includes Console Wars, Your Inner Fish, Flash Boys, Digital Wars, The Perfect Storm, Tower Lord, By Blood We Live, I am Pilgrim and Lexicon.

The rumored iWatch won’t be what you think

Why whatever Apple is about to release will not be anything like the Pebble or Android Wear.


After the empire fades

Game of Thrones and The First Law Trilogy illustrate the different ways England and America are dealing with fading empires.

Happy midsummer!

Nic is homesick on Midsummer’s Eve.

Damnatio memoriae

We should forget the names of our mass murderers.


Movie roundup, part 22

Movie time, kids! Includes an excellent documentary and a lot of not-great movies. Includes Sorcerer, Generation Iron, Restrepo, The Numbers Station, Pacific Rim and 300: Rise of an Empire.

White privilege in extremism

It’s way easier to be an extremist in America if you’re white.

Further to the right

The idea that both the left and the right in America are getting more extreme is false. Here’s why.


Enter the rumble roller

Get medieval on your fascia.

Review: The Pet Shop Boys Electric tour hits Phoenix

Hey, you like lasers? We have lasers!

Book roundup, part 14

Some great reads and a huge disappointment in this installment. Includes The Loudest Voice in the Room, Hatching Twitter, Dogfight, Ancillary Justice, KOP Killer, The Circle, Working God’s Mischief and Where Eagles Dare.


Desert rose

Flowering cactuses are a beautiful sight.

New York City trip report

The Lindh family visits the Big Apple and it is good.

We all have our limit

You meet interesting people at the Apple Store. And everybody has a limit.


Protecting straight people

The Arizona state legislature is busy protecting the freedoms of the already protected.

Tiny victories

Nic practices yoga. It doesn’t go well.

The Mac, homegrown

Nic delves into the shady computer enthusiast underworld of the Hackintosh.


My first Mac

On the Mac’s 30th anniversary, Nic reminisces about his first.

How to privatize a public good

The standard right-wing approach to privatizing public goods like education and health care.

The iPhone, devourer of technologies

The iPhone was announced Jan. 9, 2007. It now occupies a huge chunk of Nic’s life.



Meet Helios the cat

It’s Caturday. Nic introduces one of his cats.

Movie roundup, part 21

Nic watches movies. Some are good and some are terrible. Includes Star Trek: Into Darkness, Dredd, Oblivion, Django Unchained, Hungry for Change, Bullet to the Head, Hansel and Gretel, Act of Valor, The Queen of Versailles, Indie Game: The Movie, and The Other F Word.

Book roundup, part 13

Some solid reading awaits you in this installment. Includes The Outpost, Masters of Doom, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, The Everything Store, Bomber Command, Gods of Guilt, and Low Town.

Some good podcasts

Nic loves podcasts. Here are some recommendations.


2013 National Novel Writing Month

Nic types 50,000 words in a month. He’s tired now.

Blaming the victims

The Arizona Republic editorial board thinks the young ’uns are lazy.

The A7 processor is your friend

Nic is very impressed with the speed of the iPhone 5S and iPad Air.


50,000 words or bust

Nic is wicked excited to take part in National Novel Writing Month.

Communists in the House of Representatives

If things are in balance, there should be Marxists.

What the hell were they thinking?

Nic tries to understand the Tea Party. Predictably, it doesn't go well.

The Core Dump is 10 years old!

Nic ruminates on the changes ten years have wrought.

Finding a theme for your site

Nic tells you how to find a theme for your new site.


A fresh coat of paint

Nic gives the site a face lift and sings the praises of Bootstrap 3.

There shall be airflow!

Nic cleans out the firebox on his Kamado grill.

Trouble in Nexus 7 land

Nic encrypts his 2013 Nexus 7 and bad things happen.


Captain Incoherent goes shopping

A tired Nic makes an ass of himself at a grocery store.

Book roundup, part twelve

A slimmer-than-usual book roundup is heavy on the non-fiction, including several must-read titles.

The 2013 Nexus 7

Nic buys a Nexus 7 to test the Android waters.


Rejoice, peasants

Nic is exasperated by the mania surrounding the birth of a child.

A diary of Swedish weather

Nic ransacks his memories to recount a year of Swedish weather.


Cloudy with a chance of broken

All Nic wants for WWDC is sync that actually works

Book roundup, part eleven

Another book roundup, including some stellar athletes and soldiers, what might be the most jaded, soul-weary protagonist ever, and some grimdark fantasy.

Paywalls and tinfoil hats

The Internet is getting creepy, and Nic is breaking out his tinfoil hat after newspaper paywalls push him over the edge.


OK then, Mr. Gekko

Nic is tired of tech sites obsessing over Apple’s financials and business strategy. So very tired.

Read this book: Salt Sugar Fat

Nic reads a book about the processed food industry and is incensed.


The cargo cult of technology

Computers are complicated. This brings out the irrational in people.

Seen a Rechthaberei lately?

Nic proposes the loan word Rechthaberei be incorporated into American English.


Book roundup, part ten

The Core Dump is back! Books were read during the hiatus. Includes The Coldest Winter, Oh, Myyy!, Tough Sh*t, The Revolution Was Televised, The Rook, Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore, Gun Machine, Fortress Frontier, Standing in Another Man’s Grave, and The Memory of Light.


The Core Dump is hibernating

This site will return in February.



Book roundup, part nine

From a true patriot to a world-weary detective, a dead god, and a civilization about to sublime from the galaxy, this book roundup spans the gamut. Includes Where Men Win Glory, Wild, Inside the Box, The Black Box, Three Parts Dead, Red Country, and The Hydrogen Sonata.

Ode to joy

Springsteen gives a concert in Phoenix. It’s fantastic.


Humungus’s Volvo tractor

A Swedish redneck discovers the joy of putting a Volvo engine into an old tractor as Mad Max smiles.

Thanksgiving, the reboot

Nic loves Thanksgiving but, seriously, the bird’s got to go.

Size matters: The iPad mini is its own experience

Nic has spent quality time with the iPad mini and wants to share his opinion. Because there clearly aren't enough iPad reviews on the Internet.

Uncomfortably numb

Nic is oh so very tired after the election.


Smoking spareribs on the Kamado

Nic levels up on the grill by smoking spareribs on his Kamado. Tasty, tasty ribs.

Arizona 2012 ballot proposition rundown

Nic provides a rundown of the 2012 Arizona ballot propositions with recommendations on how you should vote.

Kindle Paperlight: Amazon giveth and Amazon taketh away

Nic is ecstatic about the backlighting on the Kindle Paperlight, but Amazon has made some strange design decisions and there’s a display hardware flaw.

Movie roundup, part 20

Nic watches movies again. Included are Moon, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Avengers, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Coriolanus, The Grey and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Nic is mostly unimpressed.

Lying as a rational strategy

Nic is sad after the first presidential debate of 2012 and explains why lying makes sense for the candidates at this point.


Book roundup, part eight

From the heights of athletic excellence to the depths of depravity, this roundup includes The First 20 Minutes, Double Cross, The Heroin Diaries, Tattoos and Tequila, Dodger, Farthing, and Devil Said Bang.

Ebook creation is still a bag of hurt

Nic makes a new ebook and is dismayed by the sad state of ebook publishing.

Caturday Pinup: Phoebe

Nic hears there’s a lack of cat pictures on the Internet and decides to help out by posting a picture of his cat Phoebe.

Noises in my head: Four midrange headphones reviewed

Nic reviews four sets of midrange headphones. They all meet with approval.


Two Americas, one good one bad

Nic immigrated to an America that looks to the future and uses science and engineering to make the world as great as possible. And then there's another America.

“Legacy Service End of Life”

Joyent decides to screw over its VC customers and handles it poorly to say the least.

Book roundup, part seven

Includes Wabi-Sabi, Making Things Happen, D-Day, Tallula Rising, Blood Song, The Americans and Amped. All in all, a happy romp through the meadows of literature.


4th of July barbecue

The great soft box in the sky hovered over Phoenix on the 4th of July, so it was time for some barbecue photography.

What your email address says about you

One of the equivalences of haircut and clothing on the Internet is your email address.


The Beach Principle of productivity

Fiddliness be gone! Nic simplifies things.

Book roundup, part six

Includes Search Inside Yourself, The Information Diet, Redshirts, The Gone-Away World, Wool, Leviathan Wakes, and Prince of Thorns. One of these may very well change your life.

La Jolla trip

The Lindhs go to La Jolla on vacation. It's pretty great.


Movie roundup, part 19

Nic watches movies. Included are Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Haywire, Underworld: Awakening, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, The Lincoln Lawyer, The Guns of Navarone and Immortals. Several of these movies are bad but only one made Nic turn it off.

The core is weak

Nic discovers yoga/Pilates is a great antidote to middle-age decrepitude.

Book roundup, part five

Includes Shadow Ops: Control Point, The Night Circus, The Hunger Games, Quiet, The Science of Yoga, and Kitchen Confidential. Lots of good stuff in this one.


Sweet, sweet BBQ

Nic loves his Kamado grill so much he makes a video about grilling on it.

Enter the Kamado

Nic buys a Kamado grill and wants to share his joy with the world.

The new iPad: Dat screen

After a few weeks of heavy usage, Nic shares his feelings about the new iPad.


Book roundup, part four

Includes Angelmaker, The Magicians, Magician King, Iron Council, Thinking, Fast and Slow, Distrust That Particular Flavor, and Talking to Girls About Duran Duran. One of these is the most important book of 2011.

A good kind of hungry

Eating a low-carb diet changes how your hunger feels.


Rural Arizona 2012 Decay Tour

Pictures of hard times and decay in rural Arizona.

Exercise for the middle-aged fat guy

An exhortation to exercise for my fellow middle-aged fat guys.

Photo safari to Cleator and Watson Lake

Nic is dragged along on a photo safari to rural Arizona.


Book roundup, part three

Includes The Drop, Ready Player One, Moon Called, Among Others, Excession, Inferno, The Paleo Solution and I am Ozzy.

Review: Blue HR heart rate monitor strap

If you have an iPhone 4S, the Blue HR is a solid device.

Movie roundup, part 18

Nic watches movies. Included are Contagion, Drive, Conan the Barbarian, Fast Five, Hanna, Priest and Bridesmaids. Can you guess which one Nic hated?



The dragon flies at night

It’s 1989. Nic moves to Louisiana and discovers there’s such a thing as black culture.

O Tannenbaum

Christmas is behind us and it’s time to get back in the saddle.

Merry Christmas!

It’s once again the winter solstice. It’s time to sit back and relax.

Clouds over a CostCo parking lot

Arizona experiences winter rain storms and Nic commits photography.

On outsourcing comments to Facebook

Nic outlines some of the risks of ceding comments on news stories to Facebook.

Fixing technology education in K12

Students aren’t being taught how to use computers. Nic offers suggestions to fix a broken system.


Book roundup, part two

Includes Sandman Slim, Snuff, The Cold Commands, Reamde, Goodbye Darkness, Steve Jobs and The Psychopath Test.

More contrast, please

Nic is frustrated by a design choice for a JBL remote.

Cain and the Democratic conspiracy

The harrassment charges against Cain and the sad kabuki theater of the Republican nominations.


The shibboleth of style

Nic is not pleased with the AP stylebook.

Thank you, Steve Jobs

We have lost a visionary.

Kindle 4 first impressions

Nic buys a new Kindle and tells you what he thinks about it. Read and find out if you should buy one.


Why I’m all-in on FiveFingers

Nic loves his freaky clown shoes. This post explains why.

Blade Runner keyboard

Nic really can’t understand how his keyboard gets so dirty.

Do not wake up

Nic’s daughter isn’t what you’d call a morning person.

Book roundup, part one

Some books you might enjoy reading.

Even better burgers

Nic’s dad shows him how to make even better burgers and he shares his newfound knowledge.

Death by PowerPoint

Endless, pointless presentations are a drag on corporate worker sanity. There is a better way.

The long democracy

Campaign season is gearing up in America and Nic has some thoughts on the endless primaries ahead.


Sports journalism is hurting democracy

Political news coverage in America tends to be abysmal. Nic explores why.

Lion and the angst of the greybeards

Nic is bemused by the sturm und drang surrounding the iOS-ification of Mac OS X.

Web publishing made easy

Web publishing used to require heavy-duty nerditry, but no longer.

How to create an e-book

Nic is creating an e-book. He shares what he’s learned so far.


The monster of Norway

The horrific events in Norway hit home for Nic.

Breaking the social back

Nic overanalyzes things again. He has no idea what to do with Google Plus.

The end of the artifact

Spotify is finally open for U.S. customers. Nic is ridiculously excited.

Why We Get Fat

Nic reads a life-changing book on nutrition and wants to share it with you.


Productivity for people who don’t have ADD

Nic thinks a lot about productivity and shares some books that have helped him.

Gaze of the Predator

Nic attempts to reinvigorate the tradition of posting cat pictures on Fridays.


Movie roundup, part 17

Nic watches movies. They mostly suck. Included are I am Number Four, Jonah Hex, Doctor Zhivago, Valhalla Rising, Bronson, Centurion and Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Phoenix ComiCon impressions

Nic takes his daughter to go nerd watching at the Phoenix ComiCon.

Happy ninth birthday, Andrea!

Our daughter turns nine years old today.

Westward Ho

Threatening skies over the Westward Ho in downtown Phoenix.

Some good podcasts for you

Nic listens to a lot of podcasts on his commute. He hopes some of them might make you happy.

Closer to the metal

Nic switches from WordPress to Jekyll. He’s excited. Everybody else is bored to tears.


Something in the water: 10 years of the Apple Store

Nic talks about the early days of the Apple Store and how it came damn close to killing him.

FiveFingers help chronic compartment syndrome

Nic finds that Vibram FiveFingers help with his chronic compartment syndrome. This makes him happy.


Twitter is not your free advertising

Nic gets his panties all in a bunch about how some people are using Twitter as an ad-hoc means of getting free advertising.

Review: Griftopia

Matt Taibbi’s Griftopia is an important book, and it will make you angry enough to froth at the mouth.

Review: The Heroes

The Heroes is an intense, wild ride into a maelstrom of violence, brutality and flawed human beings. You should read it.


Slick, very slick

Comment spammers aren’t just leeches and the scum of the Earth. They are also bad at using computers.

Slowing down the news

Nic explains why you don’t need Live on the Scene With Action News and why it’s so compelling anyway.

Kinda I want to

Nic discovers Nine Inch Nails as a broke student with an IROC-Z in Louisiana. He still loves Pretty Hate Machine.

A panegyric to e-book readers

Nic really digs e-book readers. No, seriously, he really digs them. And you should, too.


Your computer is becoming an appliance. Deal.

The future and now of personal computing is appliances. This post parses why you shouldn’t worry about it.

Video on the Web: Your HTML5 won’t save you now

Grab a hankie and a strong drink to help you through this discussion of the pain that awaits you if you want to put video on the Web.

Frosty the windshield

There’s frost on the car windows in Phoenix. Confusion ensues.



Naked and sedated

Dagnabbit, some idiot does some dumb shit and now everybody’s air travel has to suck even more?

Home of the dollar

Having an economy based on housing only is a bad idea. Who knew?

Hummingbird heaven

Nic loves the hummingbirds in his backyard.

Morning conversation

Nic’s daughter frightens him sometimes.


Review: Klipsch IMAGE S4i headset

Solid in-ear headphones with Apple-compatible remote.

New hamburger expertise

Nic shows you how to grill up a fantastic burger. Yum.

Review: Anathem

An enormously ambitious novel that mostly succeeds.


Cue The Smiths

The never-ending drama around dinner time and Nazi parents who make nutritious home-cooked meals.

Movie roundup, part 13

Nerdcore Rising, Rescue Dawn, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Watchmen, Waltz With Bashir, Defiance and Grand Torino.

Infestation of raggare

Nic looks back at one of the menaces of his youth.

Out of Nebraska

Springsteen brings the angst of being human like none other.


The New Barbeque Expert

Men tend to overcomplicate things, including grilling. Nic breaks down how to do it right.

Review: Drenai Tales

A roundup of David Gemmell’s Drenai Tales novels.

Seriously, what the hell?

Once again, shrill nutbags get under Nic’s skin.

Review: The Brass Verdict

An excellent Mickey Haller novel.

Review: Requiem for an Assassin

Mostly for completist John Rain fans.


Not exactly Kerouac

Conversations with a second-grader are great.

Review: 1776

Required reading for anybody interested in American history.

Movie roundup, part 12

Includes Kung Fu Panda, The Wrestler, Righteous Kill, The King of Kong, Gangs of New York, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and 30 Days of Night. A bit of a good, bad and ugly.

Apathy and loathing at Dulles

Dulles airport might just be the worst in the world. This post tells you why.

In the stillness

Some languid thoughts from a vacationing Nic.


That was easy

Nic is delighted with how smooth his trip to Sweden went. In the movie biz they call that foreshadowing.

Louisiana to Missouri, via tow truck

Nic’s first personal experience of driving across America, complete with a breakdown outside a motel in Blythesville, Ark.


Red carpet for the apocalypse

Nic is a bit creeped out by survivalists.

The first letter home

My daughter visits with her grandparents and sends a letter home.

Review: Terminator Salvation

Nic goes to the movies. He is not happy.

Review: Let the Right One In (novel and movie)

Both the movie and the novel Let the Right One In kick Nic in the teeth.

Movie roundup, part 11

Included in this movie round-up are: Tell No One, Harakiri, Babylon A.D., Death Race, Wall-E, Let the Right One In, Hellboy II, Good Night, and Good Luck and Kingdom of Heaven.

Microsoft and the lemonade stand parable

Nic tries his hand at a parable to explain the problem with Microsoft.


Bass for your face

Nic likes a pair of headphones.

The British Wallander

Kenneth Branagh takes on Swedish detective icon Kurt Wallander. Unfortunately it doesn’t turn out well.

Review: Gang Leader for a Day

Very interesting insights into the shadow economy.

Tower of babble

Ever wonder why parents always look tired? Here’s a video to explain it.


It’s the sound of inevitability, Mr. Anderson

Nic lists the ways the Blu-ray experience is miserable.

Review: Shadow of the Scorpion

Very good dark space opera.

One sure thing

If you know you’re right, you’re probably not.

A poke in the eye

Nic discovers the Blu-ray spec allows studios to not allow resume of a movie. And the studios don’t. Guess how he feels about that?


Boiling point

People are waking up to the excesses of the banking system.

Paid back

Nic doesn’t need proof he is the father of his child, but he gets it anyway.


Bad film nerd. No money for you

It’s time to stop giving George Lucas money.

Zen and meat

Nic finds enlightenment in a friend’s nervous breakdown.

Review: American Shaolin

Very interesting and funny book about an American who travels to China to become a Shaolin monk.


Movie roundup, part ten

In this installment of the movie round-up: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Iron Man, Payback: The Director’s Cut, Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Doomsday, Maxed Out and The Dark Knight.

A crash course in teaching

If you teach, you should read this post.

Your own personal GTD

Our brains aren’t built to handle the modern world, but there are ways to deal.

A pixel too far

Nic digs Blu-ray transfers of old World War II movies.

Review: Ready for Anything

Not as shattering as Getting Things Done, but a worthwhile read.

It’s ... the fuuuuuture

The future is distributed to Nic and his idolization of William Gibson grows.

Always be scribbling

Newspapers and technology aren’t exactly best friends.

Out with the old

Nic discards old technology and thinks about all the money he’s spent.

The airing of grievances

Turns out 2008 was kind of a shit sandwich. Who knew?



Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas from drunken Irishmen.

Review: Making Money

Terry Pratchett goes a bit darker than usual.

Why so serious?

Nic is not impressed by the MPAA’s rating system but he is impressed by The Dark Knight.


Movie roundup, part nine

Includes Quantum of Solace, Control, Live Free or Die Hard, Hitman, Oldboy, and Shoot ’Em Up. Not a bad round-up.

Magic money

Nic is not happy with the excesses of the banking system.

Review: The First Law Trilogy

It’s like these novels were written for Nic.

Review: The Bloomsday Dead

Brings the Dead Trilogy to a close.

Come together

Nic is excited about Barack Obama’s election win.


Review: Presentation Zen

Required reading for anybody who gives presentations.

The competitive urge

Nic is not happy about the state of America today.

Arizona ballot propositions 2008

A run-down of the ballot propositions with suggestions for how you should vote on each of them.


Nic is not happy about the way the presidental election debates are run.

R.I.P. Shiva

We lose our oldest cat, Shiva.

I give up

The McCain/Palin team make Nic question his sanity.

Go Speedracer!

The only thing Nic likes more than the Internet is a wicked fast Internet connection.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Gritty and violent Swedish crime fiction, just released in the U.S.

The Republican in winter

It must be rough to be a Goldwater Republican these days.

To the undecided voter

Nic can’t understand how, in the most polarized election in history, anybody can be an undecided voter.

Review: Here Comes Everybody

An important book on how technology is changing society.

Get better

Merlin Mann on the creative process.

Review: The Name of the Wind

Impressive first novel of a planned trilogy.

Review: The Last Colony

The weakest novel in John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War Universe.

Review: Spook Country

Not William Gibson’s finest moment.

Let them eat swamp water

More screwed-up priorities from Republicans.


Boiling it down

Wisdom from my great-uncle the farmer.

The cheese and the damage done

Nic is not impressed with Who Moved My Cheese.

Review: The Moment It Clicks

A must-read for anybody interested in photography.


Review: Thirteen

Excellent noir near-future sci-fi. Read it.

Too soon?

Apple gets greedy with MobileMe.

Movie roundup, part eight

Resident Evil: Extinction, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I am Legend, Battlestar Galactica: Razor, The Kingdom and Revolver.

No diacriticals for you and your yuppie toy!

The iPhone keyboard doesn’t support Swedish characters so Nic files a Radar bug.

Review: The Overachievers

Deeply disturbing book about the pressures of high-achieving high school students.

Review: Woken Furies

The third installment in Richard Morgan’s Takeshi Kovacs saga is great.

The solstice

Nic talks about the Swedish midsummer tradition. With pictures.


I’ve got the key

Nic muses on the blessed stillness of vacation.

On through the night

Nic reports on his and his daughter’s flight to Sweden.

Conspicuous consumption

Nic and his wife buy a brand-new Acura TL. It’s a beautiful machine.


Review: The Dragon Never Sleeps

Glen Cook delivers epic, dense space opera.

Review: Glasshouse

Great sci-fi that’s really a meditation on memory.

Review: Cruel Zinc Melodies

Disappointing Garrett, P.I. novel.

The Great Pool of Money

You should listen to this fantastic podcast which explains the origins of the credit crisis.

Science night

Science night at school meets Nic’s immaturity.

Review: The Sociopath Next Door

An important book about the hidden menace of sociopaths.

Review: Homicide

Excellent non-fiction about homicide squads from one of the creators of The Wire.

New levels of disgust

Nic is pissed off about politics, including the perennial favorites the war in Iraq and gas prices.


Random nerditry

Idiots hotlink my images. That’s a no-no.

R.I.P. Pompe, 2001 - 008

My parents’ dog passed away.

Review: The Price of Privilege

Important book about how pressure from well-meaning parents hurt affluent children.

Holy Docsis, Batman!

If your Internet connection isn’t as fast as you’d like, it might be time to upgrade your cable modem.

Review: The Scar

The Scar is a great, weird novel, but it makes Nic worry he might be a steampunk.

Review: Everything is Miscellaneous

Interesting book, but too much filler and techno-utopianism.


At the car wash

Nic encounters racism.

Shoe leather

Nic gets a visit from a door-to-door realtor.


Guest in reality

Nic explains how he managed to get engaged on Feb. 29.

Review: Lord of the Silent Kingdom

The second installment of Glen Cook’s Instrumentalities of the Night delivers.

Movie roundup, part seven

Lots of violence in this round-up. Flags of our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Smashing Machine, Slim Susie, Grindhouse: Planet Terror and Grindhouse: Deathproof.

Super Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!

Nic goes to the polls and discovers you need two proofs of identity to vote in Ariz. now.


The worms

My daughter hears anti-semitism and blissfully misinterprets it.

Review: Consider the Lobster

Excellent collection of writing from the great David Foster Wallace.

Review: The Overlook

Michael Connelly delivers a weak Harry Bosch novel.

Review: Darkness, Take My Hand

Dennis Lehane manages to write a novel that is too noir for Nic.

The nerd has flown

Reflections from Macworld 2008.

The nerd has landed

Nic reports from Macworld 2008.

Review: The Big Switch

Nice book on the commoditization of corporate IT services. Worth reading for anybody in the field.

Review: Heat

Entertaining book about a man’s obsessive quest to become a professional chef.

Corporate communications at its finest

Cox Communications isn’t great at, well, communicating.



Review: Perdido Street Station

Excellent fantasy from China Miéville.

Review: Made in America

For the word nerds.

Lost in the woods

Nic loses sight of his daughter at the store and freaks out.

Say hello to my little friend

We adopt a third cat, Athena Fairy Princess.


Review: The Lies of Locke Lamora

A tentative debut novel from Scott Lynch.

Game changer: Flip Video

How the Flip Video is turning the amateur video recording industry on its head.

Review: Nature Girl

Carl Hiaasen wants you to not visit Florida.

Review: Bleeding Hearts

A disappointing non-Rebus novel from Ian Rankin.

The G-rated Internet

Nic highly recommends OpenDNS if you have children who use the Internet.

Movie roundup, part six

Stranger than Fiction, The Black Dahlia, Blades of Glory, Hot Fuzz, Zero Kelvin and March of the Penguins.


Review: JPod

Douglas Coupland continues the exploration of the lives of tech workers he started in Microserfs.

Review: Right as Rain

Hard boiled crime fiction from one of the writers for The Wire.

She rules the night

Nic’s daughter loses her first tooth and the tooth fairy is off to a shaky start.

Review: A Cruel Wind

The granddaddy of dark fantasy. Highly recommended.

Review: On Intelligence

Very interesting book about how intelligence works and the challenges we face in trying to build intelligent machines.


The payback begins

The stupid things you say as a teenager have a way of coming back to haunt you.

The winged messenger swoops in

Version control is a necessity for staying sane. Nic looks at some options.

Movie roundup, part five

Pathfinder, Stalker, Pusher and Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny.

Firefox downloading PDFs to Lexmark folder

A solution to a weird Firefox glitch is proffered to the altar of Google.

Review: All Creatures Great and Small

Well-deservedly known as a classic.

Shiny Crescent

Nic moves his site to a new server. Excitement! Drama! Jazz hands!

Review: Passage at Arms

Das Boot in spaaaaaace.

Review: Echo Park

A decent installment in the Harry Bosch saga.

The suspension of disbelief

Nic explains why he has a hard time dealing with super hero movies and the ways his brain lets him down.

Review: Stumbling on Happiness

A slim volume on how we determine whether we’re happy or not. Worth reading.


The first five years from a father’s perspective

Being a dad is the best and hardest thing that can happen to a man. Nic looks back at five years of trying to figure it out.

Lucky 13

It’s Nic and his wife’s 13th wedding anniversary.


You and what army?

On the joys of giving medicine to a cat.

Review: Twilight Watch

Brings the Nightwatch trilogy to a satisfying end.

Review: Day Watch

Continues the Nightwatch saga in strong form.

Review: Nightwatch

The first novel in the great Nightwatch saga. If you like fantasy, this is the real deal.

Movie roundup, part four

This round-up includes Day Watch, Smokin’ Aces, Children of Men, Paycheck and Beerfest. One of them is somewhat funny.


A dark and hungry god arises

The hype about the iPhone mystifies Nic.

Review: Hardwired

Classic cyberpunk, well worth reading.

WWDC Keynote Death March

Nic attends his first and last Stevenote.

The end of the Y

Nic sings the praises of the local YMCA where he sent his daughter to preschool and the Reggio Emilia method.

Review: The Digital Photography Book

Will help improve the quality of your photographs.

Life in the cloud

Keeping data in sync between different computers and different people is tricky. Nic looks at some ways it can be done.


The fairy princess Wii

Fairytopia rips off the Wii mote and it actually doesn’t suck.

Review: The Ghost Brigades

Fun space opera with emotional depth.

Review: The Dead Yard

The second Michael Forsythe novel is grim and fast-paced.

Movie roundup, part three

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Casino Royale and Battle Royale. One of these movies doesn’t suck.

Review: Bitter Gold Hearts

The second Garrett, P.I. novel is an improvement on the first.

Review: Sweet Silver Blues

The first Garrett, P.I. novel is a fun mix of fantasy and noir.

Voices in my head

Children are dwarves on acid.

Review: Dead I Well May Be

A strong first novel in a dark and grim series.

Review: Judas Unchained

The follow-up to Pandora’s Star is epic sci-fi at its finest.

Car alarm yadda yadda

Nic gets stuck in customer service hell when he replaces the fob to his car alarm.


Wii first impressions

Nic’s family scores a Wii. Here are his first impressions.

You’ve had your car too long when...

Nic Lindh, breaker of car fobs.

Desert roses

Pics of the gorgeous cactus roses we get in the Sonoran desert.

No sex until marriage doesn’t seem to work

A study finds that abstinence-only sex education doesn’t work. Nic is not surprised.

Review: The Sundering

The second novel in the space opera.

Review: The Praxis

The first novel about the Shaa empire is pure and unabashed space opera.

She’s beautiful! Let’s name her Metallica

A Swedish couple decide to name their daughter Metallica. \m/

April Fools

You are not funny. Neither is your April Fool’s joke.

Done with movie theaters

Nic has (yet another) horrible experience at a movie theater and swears he’s done.


Review: 300

300’s strength and weakness are the same thing: it’s based on a graphic novel.

Review: The Undercover Economist

Marketed as being similar to Freakonomics, which it is not.

The voice in the wilderness

College is a time for drama, as this graffiti artist illustrates.

My mighty, mighty navel

Nic discovers Twitter.

Boosters activated

Nic’s daughter graduates from child seat to booster seat.

More cat drama

One of our cats gets an enema. I feel her pain.

You know you’re a parent...

When you’re a parent your gross meter breaks.

Early morning coffee

Nic tries to understand why anybody would stop on the way to work to buy coffee when there’s free coffee at work.

Movie roundup, part two

The Departed, The Great Raid, Bastard of the Party, A Scanner Darkly, Sexy Beast, Miami Vice and Layer Cake.


Doing it for free

Why the first job for any technology company is to make their product easy to use.

All your podcasts are belong to us

Nic puts an iPod connector in his car and his life is changed forever.

Review: What the Dormouse Said

A great history of the early days of the personal computer revolution.

How to spot movies that stink

Nic provides an easy rule of thumb for determining if a movie stinks.

The tortellini incident

Getting your child to eat can be unbelievably frustrating.

Review: The Tyranny of the Night

First book in Glen Cook’s The Instrumentalities of the Night series. Good stuff.


The future reality TV winner

Nic’s daughter is introduced to show-and-tell at school.

Review: Den of Thieves

The story of the bond traders of the 80s and the damage they did. A bit of a slog, but very important.

Welcome to the world

Nic’s niece arrives on Earth. Welcome.

Ice palace

A fire on an icy January day.

Bad Stevenote. No credit card

Nic is disappointed in the 2007 Macworld Expo announcements.

Boy are my arms tired

Nic and his daughter are bumped to first class.



The culinary final frontier

Nic sings the praises of kebab pizza.

Happy solstice!

Nic celebrates the solstice.

Remembering Carl Sagan

Nic is still sad about the death of Carl Sagan.

Frost on window pane

Dawn frost

Airport play park

Arrived in Sweden

The MacBook and the Apple curse

Gardening for dummies



Review: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk

Review: Valentine’s Rising

Review: The Search

Voter fatigue

November 1: Santa’s firing up the rockets


Trick or whatever

Awkward conversations with a four-year-old

Build it and they will crumble

Review: A Feast for Crows

Firefox 2 RC2 and teh snappy

Eat it!

Review: Thud!

Fox hits nadir

Review: A Drink Before the War

Review: Cowl


Top 10 “invisible” tech

In a rare top 10 list, Nic discusses technologies that have become so ubiquitous as to become invisible.

All computers great and small

Review: The World Is Flat

Professor Moriarty, I presume?

A special day

Changement de Pieds

Review: Tale of the Thunderbolt

Review: Choice of the Cat

Review: Way of the Wolf

Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

Review: Olympos


Naturalization day

Nic becomes a U.S. citizen and is pretty stoked about it.

Movie roundup

V for Vendetta, Nightwatch, The Matador, Ginger Snaps, Evil, Alien Versus Predator, and Ultraviolet.

Review: Berlin Noir

Review: When Genius Failed

10 years in the sun

Review: Fooled by Randomness

Fear the silence

Finding the right color

What I’ve been up to the last four days


Review: The Skinner

Review: Gridlinked

Review: Century Rain

Review: Old Man’s War

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Image spam

Adventures in schooling

We move our daughter to a Reggio Emilia preschool


It’s a good thing I’m rich

Review: The Ancestor’s Tale

No World Cup for you. Four years.

The little stoic

Review: A Question of Blood

Review: Resurrection Men

The angry blogger

Review: The Falls

Et tu, Brute?

Review: Set in Darkness

Number of the Beast

Review: Dead Souls

Murdered 600 years ago

Memo to Isis the kitten


Happy Birthday, Andrea!

Review: The Hanging Garden

Kitten notes

Review: Hard News

New family member

Pain in the neck

Review: Secrets and Lies

Pedal to the metal

The $29 T-shirt

Review: Black and Blue

Cyberpunk rolls on

A window darkly

Review: Let it Bleed


Let them drink oil

Review: The DaVinci Code

An early morning gross-out

A good year for cactus

Aryan race laws in Sweden

It’s not stupid

Review: Mortal Causes

Review: The Black Book

Color TV in 1962


Prayer’s healing power disproven

Pledge drive time

Review: Caesar’s Legion

Army of Darkness

Review: Strip Jack

Review: Tooth and Nail

Friday silliness

Review: Hide and Seek

The Core Dump after dark

Review: Knots and Crosses

Reprieve from the drought

All about the Salmons, yo

The silence of the fans

Begin world domination

Review: The Closers

Review: The Smartest Guys in the Room


UnLinksys my heart

Mini me


First post

Olympic money

Review: Fleshmarket Alley


Heart tax day

Water, my Bête Noire


A pox on hard water

Nic joins the 21st century. Film at 11

Review: Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days


Review: Moneyball

Review: The Broker

Drop the hammer

Five top 5 lists

Review: Jarhead

Review: Loaded Dice

The silliness of developers

Review: Sucker Bet

Review: Funny Money

Life summarized

Objects in windshield may be closer than they appear

A pox on all computers

Long day’s travel to night

A blow-by-blow breakdown of traveling from Sweden to Arizona with a four-year-old. You’ll want a nap and a strong drink after reading this.



Some notes on cold weather


Random observations from Sweden

Greetings from Sweden

Posting from somewhere over the Atlantic

Boy are my arms going to be tired

Review: Armageddon

Big it up for the Holidays


Review: Tides of War

Review: Freehold



Post-gobble wrap-up

The Thanksgiving conundrum

Thanksgiving approaches

Top 20 geek novels

It’s a long way to cat heaven

Putting Turbo to sleep

Putting a pet down is one of the worst things you have to do. Nic cried writing this one.

R.I.P. Turbo, 2000-2005

Turbo is sick

Review: Grift Sense

Review: Be Cool

Review: Freakonomics

A budding comedienne

Review: Going Postal

Fear the Candy Monster


Free as a bird

Review: High Fidelity

Getting cultured

Review: Gates of Fire

Review: Pandora’s Star

Flabbey Road

Extreme catblogging Friday

Charlatan survives own prophecy


I am weak

Weekend music

Happy blogaversary!

San Diego trip roundup

Freewheel burning

Get your beach on!

Born OK

Quack like a duck

Grace under fire

Catblogging Friday


azcentral bites the dust

Banned books week

Review: Ilium


Notes from under a blanket

High-tech law enforcement

Review: What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Big ol’ jetliner

Life support system

At the new server

A pox on Apple...



New Orleans in the crosshairs

Coronation Day

Review: Chasm City

Review: Absolution Gap

Review: Rain Storm

Flix from the Net

Review: Redemption Ark

"What’s your car doing?"


Steel anniversary

Review: Market Forces

Viagra for the nerd


Hollaback Girl deconstructed

Wake and bake

On the road

Cat claw implants getting closer

The dawn of deception

Think you’re having a bad day?

I, for one, welcome our creepy fish overlords

Uncomfortable movie moments

Review: Revelation Space


Oy, vey

Review: Blue Blood

Bambi trauma

Another day of infamy

Three-ring circus

It’s a white thing


Review: King of Foxes

Review: Talon of the Silver Hawk

Review: Gust Front

Alphabetical filing, oh yeah

Midsummer’s lament

RIFing feeds

Review: Generation Kill

Bill Frist, Insta-MD

The taste of burning bone

Nic goes to the dentist. It’s not a good time.

Bad Santa

Random observations, redux

The art of listening

National day

Review: The Zenith Angle

Review: Native Tongue


Yet another redesign

Happy birthday, Andrea!

Home again, home again

At the Airport

Review: Revenge of the Sith

Checking in from Austin


Faster pussycat

Random observations


Review: The Narrows

Systems are go




Mark ’em down

Victory in Europe

There’s a new engine in town

Revenge of the angry fan boy

Your own personal drive-in

Out with the old

Review: Broken Angels


The question is...

All of y’all

All your lawn are belong to us

Go Speedracer

Review: Altered Carbon

New shininess

Just rewards

Mr. Histamine is not your friend

The all-seeing eye

Review: The System of the World

Desert rose

More fun in the 100-acre wood


Easter fun

There’s a calm in your eye

Review: A Talent for War

Long, cold summer

Review: The Confusion

Bye bye, ET, we hardly knew ye

Viking summer


Quite a lot of pain

Mad gardening skillz, yo

Review: Kill Bill, Vol. 2

Water from sky good

Review: Quicksilver


Review: Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Damn their sanity

Fall ill, go bankrupt

Interesting but gross

Junk food and ’rithmetic



The smell of burning feeds

Starbucks density

Implants, dammit!

Review: The Devil’s Armor

Final (hopefully) post-mortem on the attack


Do not follow

"The blinking lights are killing me"

Review: The Eyes of God

Two sweet letters

Pigs can fly

Blog? What blog?

Bass for your face





A new home for The Core Dump

Happy Solstice!

Cat Blog Theatre Presents: The Visitor

The joys of having another cat visit while it’s owners are on vacation.

Friday catblogging redux

Manning the barricades for apple juice

Nic’s daughter might be a socialist.

Review: Chindi

Pictures of the year

Review: Neverwhere

Psst, wanna try something new?


Most awesomely bad metal song

The countdown has begun

Review: Hard as Nails

Review: Deathday and Earthrise

Throwing out the comments with the spammers

Catblogging Friday

Review: Guilty Pleasures

Review: Just for Fun

Review: Hard Freeze

All right, I give up

The IKEA experience

Carpe Diem

Gigabit and RAID, oh my


Review: Destination: MORGUE!

High Fidelity

Dirty diapers and Usama

Review: Angels and Demons

The first blogiversary

Review: Kill Bill, Vol. 1

Fall in the Valley of the Sun


Review: Hard Rain

Neurons flaring like a Christmas tree

Review: Monstrous Regiment

Yet another sign

Flashing lights in the rear-view mirror


Review: The Drawing of the Three

Review: The Gunslinger


The Olympics

Most clueless spammer ever?

A conversation with a two-year-old

Review: Rain Fall

It’s a hoe-down!

An IKEA primer

Water equals money

Mystery car

As the clock spits clicks


There are cars for sale!

Caught in the web

Review: Blood Music

You have been assimilated

Review: The Switch

Why don’t I?

Review: Darwin’s Children

Water falling from sky...

Gas versus charcoal

The Black Company

The fires of doom

That alien landscape


So shiny

The drink of pale death

Midsummer’s Eve kit


Review: The Chronicles of Riddick

It’s a strange web indeed

The whole nine yards

Terminator 3: Snore of the Machines

Be kind to the apostrophe

Cat update

The goddamn comment spammers

EU elections and the Dark Tower

Review: Basket Case

Further proof of the unfairness of the Universe

Review: Darknesses and Legacies

Feed logging in progress ... keep hands away from moving parts


The peeing of the cat

Happy Birthday Andrea

Review: Digital Fortress

Wild kingdom

Another semester ended

Dictionary reality check

The Movable Type announcement

Held up without a gun

Review: The Paths of the Dead

New home for technology content

Sopranos weirdness

The Second Coming

It’s time for bloooood


Crane dance

What’s that clicking noise?

What is journalism?

A new name for syndication

Review: Pattern Recognition

The ominous sound of drums

Review: The Banned and the Banished

FrankenPod now 20% cheaper

The cow goes moo


Mullet sighting

Review: The Apocalypse Watch

You know you’ve been in Sweden too long when...

CSS tweak

Mac OS X turns three

MT-Blacklist is large and in charge

Anna Lindh’s assassin sentenced to life in prison

The way you make me feel

Review: The Grand Crusade

Machine politics

Thoughts on a really bad movie

Nic wastes his time watching an awful movie and decides to spread the pain by telling you about it.

Blogger’s dilemma

Spammers show creativity

AT&T upgrade open letter

RSS making the mainstream

Happy birthday to the Power Mac

Windtunnels and ambient temperature

Old-school Internet

Nic looks back on the early days of the Internet when a 2,400 baud modem was the shit.

Even more AT&T upgrade

Terror in Spain

Feeding frenzy

One ... million ... dollars

More on the AT&T upgrade

Anna Lindh’s killer found mentally competent

Slashdot on the AT&T phone upgrade


iPod minis selling like hotcakes

A trip down memory lane

Bring your flippers to Mars

RepKover bindings are back

Guessing that email address

Internet users create content

The number of the Passion

More on the AT&T upgrade phone


Review: Lost Light

Subversion looks good

The Word 6.0 nightmare

Yardie II


Review: Chasing the Dime

This is an upgrade?

We don’t support that

Review: Permission to Land

Barely a yankee

The BSDs have it as secure servers

William Gibson interview

A great William Gibson interview leads Nic to talk about other interesting cyberpunk novels.

Ads in RSS

More on ApplePMU::PMU Forced Shutdown

Dumb GUI awards winner

Blogging about blogging

Blog blog blog.

John Kerry--referrer spammer

See download speed in Safari

Welcome MacSurfer visitors

The carrot and the stick

Virginia Tech G5s on sale

Die Windows Update, die, die, die

Headless iMac: When pigs fly

The chicken or the egg

It’s about freaking time

Top 10 reasons to not shop online

Keep watching the stars

A quick comparison of Gnome and KDE

Keeping your GUI street

Spammer shows creativity

KOffice fails install

Fink goes defeatist

Stress test that rig

The scary mug shot

We can see you

Lucida is fabulous

Teeth red, not blue

Geeks with torches and pitchforks

Email that photo

Building a GNU autoconf static library

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iLife ’04 is a worthwhile upgrade.

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Lightning reviews: Baen books

After spending some time with the flu, Nic reviews the novels from the Baen Free Library that got him through his epic war with the virus.

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What’s this then?

The inaugural post on this brand-new blog.