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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 30 October 2003]

Lord of the Switchers

Great article on O’Reilly about the Virginia Tech G5 cluster and how it came to be.

One of the funniest parts to me was that after meeting with Apple and getting delivery commitment from them, Virginia Tech ordered the machines through the online Apple Store. I wonder if the system generated any warnings? Ahem, 1,100 units, you say? Are you sure?

Also, the project lead had never used a Mac before. Apple and IBM sure are getting their act together with the G5s. As one of the legion of Mac users who’ve suffered through the ridiculousness of Motorola’s attempts at increasing the clock speeds of the G4s–seriously, .25GHz increase in six months?–I can’t wait for the day when the low-end Macs all come with G5s and the high-end is the G6, and Motorola can go back to their “core competency” of crappy cellphones.

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