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[By Nic Lindh on Tuesday, 04 November 2003]

Let’s get fair and balanced

Interesting article on Salon (if you’re not a paying member you have to sit through an interstitial to read the whole thing) about the goings-on at Fox News.

Here’s a news organization which distributes an “editorial note” every morning, which “contains hints, suggestions and directives on how to slant the day’s news.” OK. You know, I suppose I can take it that a news organization has a political bent. That’s okay. That’s what editorials are for. But when you bring your editorials into the news flow without labeling them you are committing fraud. And when you have the unabashed gall to label yourself “Fair and Balanced” while perpetrating this, you are raping the corpse of news integrity.

Heh. Angry liberal.

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