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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 06 November 2003]

Review: Matrix Revolutions

Sigh. It’s a disappointment. A pretty good movie, but it just doesn’t have the focus and verve of either the original or Reloaded. Feels like they lost focus and didn’t know how to end it.

This is not a spoiler: The ending is bad. Really bad. Other bad things in Revolutions: It’s slow; there’s a lot of laughably bad dialogue; there’s very little character development; did I mention the ending is really bad?

Good things in Revolutions: The visual effects are stunning. But you already knew that. That’s actually pretty much it. Very cool fight scenes, and the Battle For Zion is very enjoyably over the top.

In preparation for Revolutions, I watched the original this weekend, and it’s still a great movie after I don’t know how many watchings. It has spirit, it’s very tight, everything that happens moves the story line forward, and the characters are interesting.

Makes you wish they’d never done the sequels. Especially since nothing makes any more sense after Revolutions.


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