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[By Nic Lindh on Saturday, 20 December 2003]

iDisk sync failed

For some reason my iDisk has failed to sync for a while; I finally got around to checking into it, and looking at ~/Library/Logs in Console showed:Agent/mirrordb.c,186 err -50 (getwhatwas).A Google search revealed nothing about this.

After some investigation, it seems that something had gotten out of sync somehow, and deleting ~/Library/Mirrors clears it up. It also means that the local copy of the iDisk has to be updated, which takes approximately forever on a fat pipe.

When deleting ~/Library/Mirrors, note that there’s a .dmg file in there that holds the contents of your iDisk. If you just move it to the trash, but don’t delete it, the Sync Agent will still find it and use it, so it has to be deleted before the rebuild.

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