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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 05 February 2004]

Email that photo

One of my favorite things on the Internet is network edge applications. That is, when a web site aggregates data from its users and does interesting things with it. Found a new one today, which might have been out there for a while but slipped below my radar: Most emailed photos.

This is a Yahoo! service which, as the title implies, aggregates the currently most emailed photos and serves them up in easily digestible format. Nothing earth-shattering, but glimpses into the collective unconscious are always fun and instructive.

Yahoo! are pretty tight-lipped about how this actually works, but it seems likely that the service checks photos that are attached to Yahoo! emails and updates its database from that.

As an added bonus, if you suffer from the same dashboard addiction as I, you can add it to your page.

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