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[By Nic Lindh on Friday, 06 February 2004]

Lucida is fabulous

My latest font obsession came from the strangest of places–the system menu. Mac OS X uses Lucida Grande for its menus, and the font has been growing on me for a long time, until at this point it is hands-down my preferred font for any kind of text consumption or creation.

Alas, when working on a web page or building my secret lair in Xcode, a mono-spaced font is a necessity. Fortunately, Apple’s got your back with Grande’s street-smart brother Lucida Sans Typewriter, also included in OS X.

Here’s a sample of what they look like, for those of you who are operating system impaired: Meet the Lucidas

I also just can’t get enough of the anti-aliasing in Panther. It’s at the point where when I work on a Windows XP box or in Linux, the poor text handling really scratches at my eyeballs.

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