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[By Nic Lindh on Friday, 26 March 2004]

CSS tweak

Tweaked around with the CSS file for this site a bit. Looks a little bit tighter now, methinks, although these tweaks are just a stop-gap.

Tested it on Safari, IE6/Win, Mozilla, FireFox, and the evil, evil, evil IE5/Mac. Wanted to be a good boy and test on IE5/Win as well, since that browser is a bit of a scourge when it comes to CSS rendering, but I can’t seem to find a copy of it anywhere, and I can’t even find out which Windows you have to install to get IE/5. Not that I particularly want to install an old stinker version of Windows just to check sites, but that’s the Promise of Quality and Service we have over here at The Core Dump. Yes indeedy, you will be Surprised and Delighted at our Service and our Commitment to Excellence, not to mention the Spirit of … something or the other. But it’s good, really. Our Spirit of … something will rock your socks off. Oh, and I, ehrm, we, almost forgot our Dedication to Excellence in Service. And Spirit.

So if you’re suffering through life on the web in Internet Explorer 5 on Windows and this site breaks in some hideous way, please drop me a line–a line with Spirit, mind you–and I’ll try to fix it.

UPDATE: Yes, it’s very horked on IE5/Win. Urgh. Was hoping to not have to go through the rigamaroles of the box model hack, but will bite down and do so.

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