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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 24 March 2004]

MT-Blacklist is large and in charge

While not particularly voluminous, the comment spam on this blog is nevertheless incredibly annoying. Having some random asshole come in and graffiti his moronic bullshit really really really sucks and conspires to drain the joy out of the blogging experience. So it was time to go on the offensive, and this blog is now protected by Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist. A huge thank-you to Jay for creating and sharing this software.

Most likely the MT-Blacklist functionality will be rendered obsolete by Six Apart’s TypeKey service, but until it hits the street, we’ll see how MT-Blacklist fares as a guardian against the evil scumbags out there.

Die, spammers, die.

Preferably in grotesque and terrible ways.

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