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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 09 June 2004]

Further proof of the unfairness of the Universe

Yesterday Apple released AirPort Express, which I gushed about over here. So in further proof–as if any were needed–that the Universe has it in for me, I get home to find that my lawn in the backyard is flooded. Hmm. Check the timer unit, and everything looks fine. Looks like the valve controlling the backyard is malfunctioning, though, as it keeps running water even though the timer tells it to not do that anymore. Spend some time ruminating over the possibility of troubleshooting and fixing this thing myself. After a few minutes of testosterone-induced insanity, come to my senses and realize that there’s basically no way in hell I’m going to fix whatever is broken myself.

Call the landscaping company, they send somebody much manlier than me out, problem gets fixed, and ends up costing about the same as purchasing an AirPort Express.

Thanks, Universe, for that.

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