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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 23 December 2004]

Cat Blog Theatre Presents: The Visitor

The joys of having another cat visit while it’s owners are on vacation.

_The Visitor_A play in one act.

_Dramatis Personae:

Shiva, A cat

Turbo, Another cat

Bogey, A visiting cat

The scene: Casa Core Dump. Day.

Bogey, while being brought in for a week-long stay as his family goes out of town: Hey! Let me out of this box you assholes! Let me out! Are you crazy? Where the hell are you taking me?

Shiva: Another cat! Holy crap! I’m hiding!

Turbo: Another cat! Holy crap! I’m hiding!

Bogey: Thanks for letting me out of the box, you bastards. Now where am I? Why did you drag me here in that box? I’m hiding in a closet.

The scene: Casa Core Dump. That night.

Shiva: I’m hiding.

Turbo: I’m hiding.

Bogey: I’m hiding.

The scene: Casa Core Dump. Next day.

Shiva: That other cat is _freaking me out, man.

Turbo: That other cat better stay hidden in the closet. I’m watching him and will kick his ass if he comes out. Hiss. Spit.

Bogey: I’m so freaked out I’m going to have diarrhea right here in the closet. Serves those bastards right to have to clean it up.

The scene: Casa Core Dump. Next night.

Bogey: So thirsty and hungry. Can’t leave closet.

Turbo: You better not leave that closet or I’m going to kick your ass.

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion…

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