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[By Nic Lindh on Sunday, 10 April 2005]

New shininess

The eternal quest to sink all of our disposable income into the house continues at Casa Core Dump.

One of the things that have annoyed us ever since we moved in was the range—it’s one of those cheap jobbies like you get in an apartment, with the loathed heater coils that are such a pain to clean. Urgh. But now it has met its demise, and sits outside in the driveway depressing neighborhood property values while we wait for it to be picked up and hauled off to wherever old stoves go.

Ghetto old stoveThe old stove. Not quite sexy enough.

It has been replaced with this stainless steel wonder of kitchen pr0n:

Shiny new stoveSo shiny.

Oh yeah, glass top, baby. This is the way to fly. We have now achieved 100% stainless steel among kitchen appliances.

And yes, that’s a “Powered by Red Hat” sticker on the toaster next to the stove.

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