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[By Nic Lindh on Tuesday, 07 June 2005]

National day

An interesting June 6th: Of course Mac nerds all over the globe got their panties in various states of bunching by His Steveness pronouncing that the Mac will switch to Intel’s x86 platform. As for myself, anything that will get me a faster laptop is a-okay. Just hope the switch will go as smoothly as promised.

Today is also the 61st anniversary of D-Day—thinking about soldiers and their sacrifices now and in the past.

This is the first year that the Swedish National Day is actually a holiday, and from what I can gather from media reports, people seemed to enjoy their day off and did some flag waving without it turning into an unpleasant jingoistic debacle, which is a good thing.

High temperature today in Stockholm: 55F. Burr.

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