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[By Nic Lindh on Friday, 10 June 2005]

Random observations, redux

Since my life does not involve Cool Things That Must Be Blogged™, but I nevertheless do feel the Need to Blog, here comes yet another bunch of random observations:

If you have a blog, a comments feed is a great idea so that your visitors can easily keep track of what kind of conversation is happening in your dark, forgotten posts. Not that anything ever happens in mine, but you know, in case you’re reading one of the cool blogs where people actually comment and stuff. However, what is not such a great idea is to splice comments into your regular feed. Why? Because now your readers will see that, Hey! Awesome! Three new posts from Captain Fantastic! But it turns out that those three posts consist of two ViaGR*a spams and some lunatic ranting in Portuguese about something you have no chance of ever understanding. This is a bit of a turnoff for the casual reader.

Watched 2 Fast 2 Furious on cable the other night. Yeah, I was a bit scared at first … could I handle something that was too fast and too furious? At the same time? But then, somehow, I managed to calm myself—it’s HBO, I told myself, HBO wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. Maybe it won’t be that fast and that furious. Maybe it will be just a little bit fast and a little bit furious. But as it turned out, it was kind of slow and kind of dull, as well as plenty stupid. Color me surprised.

As I get older, I’m beginning to realize that my only viable career option is to be Steve Jobs’s Evil Apprentice. Am thinking of calling myself Darth Dorkius. Has a nice ring, doesn’t it? In order to prepare for this, have switched my home page in Safari to the default Apple one. Nobody will ever be able to challenge my dedication. Thus, learned today that Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl is no longer number one on the iTunes Music Store. That was a long freaking run for such a crap tune, wasn’t it? Sure, she’s hot, but when you pony up your 99¢ you don’t see her, do you? You just hear her go on about this weird hang-up she has invented and created some kind of faux ghetto-term to describe. Oh, well. I’m sure S-s-s-s-s-teve will enlighten me once he takes me on and starts teaching me about the Dark Side.

Now that the news about the Apple switch to Intel has sunk in, I do believe that my Dark Lord and Master knows exactly what he’s doing. For Joe User the switch will be painless, for developers it will be only slightly annoying, and then Macs will run at whatever speeds Intel can churn out without suffering from the endless delays and production ramp-up problems that have always plagued the “little guys." With Freescale obviously not giving a crap about anything, IBM only caring about servers and embedded systems, and AMD being too small to avoid the ramp-up problems, Intel was the only sane choice. It’ll be weird to run Intel on my Macs and AMD on my Linux boxen, but as long as there is fasterness, who really cares?

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