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[By Nic Lindh on Saturday, 27 August 2005]

Coronation Day

Today was Coronation Day—had my second crown installed and a final cleaning. Both dentist and dental hygienist seemed happy with the New and Improved™ state of my choppers and gums. And when they’re happy, I’m happy.

As this visit didn’t require long amounts of time in the chair with drills screaming and sharp tools ripping my gums open, took it like a man and had a natural dentist experience without any Valium involved. And asked them the same questions I asked last time that I can vaguely recall asking but can’t remember the answers to. But they have enough clients that they can’t remember who asked what, so my Dennis Hopper moments seemingly went unnoticed.

Am now feeling highly motivated to keep up with regular cleanings and checkups, etc.

Must … keep … drill … away. Drill scare Grog.

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