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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 02 November 2005]

Fear the Candy Monster

Halloween was a rip-roaring success here in the burb, with lots of children and most of them apparently with parents that take this whole trick-or-treat thing quite, quite seriously—oodles of highly elaborate costumes and setups in front of houses.

In a way this was Andrea’s first Halloween celebration, as this is the first year she’s been old enough to understand the trick-or-treat concept and enjoy running house to house. She was of course adorable in her kitty outfit.

So Andrea and her mom spent about two hours walking around the neighborhood gathering a pretty respectable amount of loot. At last the round was over and it was time to go home and devour the spoils of the evening. I was waiting outside with the candy bowl, so she ran up to me, yelled “trick or treat,” grabbed a handful of candy from my bowl and put it in her candy stash. I fear we may have created a monster. But then, Halloween is an appropriate time for that.

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