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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 08 February 2006]

A pox on hard water

One memory that tends to stick with people who have moved to the Valley of the Sun is their first shower. You get in the shower, soap yourself up, and wonder, “Hey, isn’t soap supposed to lather?”

Welcome to the wonderful world of [hard water]( hard-water).

Last weekend we spent some quality time swapping out a shower head whose nozzles had clogged up so bad it was unusable.

Then we realized that the faucet in the kitchen seemed to be losing pressure. After a few minutes of cold sweat and testing the other faucets in the house we realized that it was only the kitchen faucet, so we weren’t losing pressure in the whole house.

Whew. For a few minutes there, all I could see were dollar bills flying out the window.

Nevertheless, we kind of like to have a functioning kitchen faucet, so it was time to break out the Antidote: Vinegar. Dipped the faucet in vinegar for half an hour, and it was like new.

Bless you, vinegar.

And a pox on you, hard water.

I’ll go ahead and stop anthropomorphizing now.

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