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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 07 June 2007]

Review: The Digital Photography Book

Will help improve the quality of your photographs.

I purchased Scott Kelby’s The Digital Photography Book after reading a glowing review at Digital Photography School. And it is a good book. Breezy and easy to read, with a whole lot of good advice for taking better pictures with a digital camera.

The book is set up with a tip per page, based around scenarios such as landscape photography, wedding photography, sports photography, etc. This tip per page format works well and makes the book easy to thumb through as well as come back to for refreshers when the mood strikes.

The only real negative is Kelby’s sense of humor, especially in the first chapter. Jiminy Crickets. It’s about as much fun, and about as subtle, as being beaten with a brick. Perhaps if they make a second edition somebody can sneak in and edit some of that stuff out.

That being said, though, this slim volume packs in a lot of good, solid advice that can save you hours of headaches and markedly improve the quality of your photographs.

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