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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 13 March 2008]

Shoe leather

Nic gets a visit from a door-to-door realtor.

If you’re wondering just how bad the Phoenix real estate market really is, here’s what happened right after I got home today:

Door bell rings, it’s a tired-looking middle-aged realtor going door to door. He hands me a flyer.

“Are you in the market to sell or buy a home?”

“Hell no.”

“Uh. Hell no, huh?”

“Yeah, not in this market.”

He looked like he lost a little wind, but then gathered himself: “Oh, the market isn’t that bad! The credit market is improving and …”

“Yeah, no. Sorry.”

And according to his flyer, the FHA has raised the loan limit, so “you can buy a property, mortgage up to $346,250. [sic] With 0 down and a 580 credit score.”

Golly gee, Batman, that sure sounds like nothing can go wrong…

Now, snarky as I am, I don’t mean to denigrate the guy—he’s out on the street trying to hustle up business. I respect that. But the situation is completely disgusting.

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