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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 11 June 2008]

I’ve got the key

Nic muses on the blessed stillness of vacation.

It’s getting past 11:30pm, and my parents and daughter are asleep—I’m sitting in my parents’ living room gazing at the dusk outside, the sky a deep magenta as it patiently waits for the sun to return. Gabriel and Dresden play in my headphones and a glass of red wine sits on the table.

This, my friends, is what vacation is all about—had a great day with my parents, ate a good dinner, listened to the rain fall on the roof, and now there’s only the music from my headphones and the never-ending light coming through the windows as I watch the red wine darken.

There are many things I want from life, but being able to sit watching the midnight sky while my family sleeps trumps them all.

Many happy returns.

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