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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 18 September 2008]

To the undecided voter

Nic can’t understand how, in the most polarized election in history, anybody can be an undecided voter.

The McCain and Obama campaigns are busy beating the bushes in battleground states in a mad rush to convince undecided voters to select them at the ballot box.

My question is: Who the hell are these people? Seriously, you’re undecided in what is probably the most polarized election ever in America? The lines have never been clearer. The Democrats and Republicans have never been further apart. And you’re “undecided.” Oh, I just don’t know who to vote for… Seriously?

Allow me to cut through the BS for you: If you think the last eight years have been just peachy, vote for McCain; If you think the last eight years have been a spiral into insanity, vote for Obama.

Here’s a hint to help you make up your mind about the last eight years: Read a freaking newspaper.

Normally, I think it’s great to evaluate the candidates individually instead of just voting the party line. Good for you. But this election is different. This election has to be a rolled-up newspaper smacking the Republicans on their butts saying, “NO! Bad fundie! Baaaad fundie! No government for you! Look what you did to the country!”

Anything less is too profoundly depressing to even contemplate.

I’m Nic Lindh and I approve this message.

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