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[By Nic Lindh on Sunday, 02 August 2009]

In the stillness

Some languid thoughts from a vacationing Nic.

There’s a breathtaking Chinese saying that goes something like:

You put your hand in a bowl of water and stir it. The water moves. You remove your hand and the water goes still.

Vacation, for me, is still water time. Let it come to rest.

So, having a wonderful time I decided to write down some of the realizations that have come to me as I sit doing the absolute minimum, basking in the glory that is time to think, time to be with family, time to be with old friends.

If nothing else, it’ll be something for me to read a few months from now when I’m back to running just to stand still and wondering why my stomach hurts. (I eat whole grain bread and yoghurt—THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!)

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