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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 26 August 2009]

Review: 1776

Required reading for anybody interested in American history.

David McCullough’s 1776 tells the story of a part of the War of Independence, especially focusing on George Washington and the soldiers he led against the English troops in Boston and New York.

In these times when it seems most of the knowledge of the founding fathers has been reduced to hero worship and propaganda tools, 1776 is a refreshing and—as usual for McCullough—painstakingly researched examination of the times and events with a distinctly human focus.

Even though we all know how the story ends, the tale McCullough tells in 1776 is riveting and deeply personal. With this work, he has done everybody interested in the founding of America a great service.

Highly recommended for anybody interested in history, and should be required reading for everybody in America who votes.

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