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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 16 December 2009]

Hummingbird heaven

Nic loves the hummingbirds in his backyard.

Kingpin hummingbird

Kingpin hummingbird.
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One of the great things about living in the Valley of the Sun is the hummingbirds. Stick a hummingbird feeder in your backyard, and soon enough you’ll see the little critters come feed at sunup and sunset.

It never fails to put a smile on my face.

One thing, though, you wouldn’t know about hummingbirds just from looking at them is how unbelievably aggressive they are. A feeder is pure gold to them, and they’ll squabble non-stop, which involves lots of angry chirping, aerobatics, and dive-bombing. I’m not sure if it’s the change in weather lately—yes, we had rain and overcast days—or if it’s mating season, but our local kingpin hummingbird has gone into a total ’roid rage. Get close, and you’ll get an earful. Be another hummingbird and get close, and you are in for a can of whup-ass.

I live on sugar water, dammit! You want some of this? You want some of this?

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