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[By Nic Lindh on Sunday, 01 March 2015]

Say hello to Brimful Podcast

Nic finally launches his own podcast wherein he explains technology to humans.
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UPDATE OCT. 10, 2015: I’ve pulled the plug on Brimful. It was an interesting experiment and taught me a lot about creating a podcast, knowledge I’ll use in the future, but Brimful itself is dead. /UPDATE

I love podcasting. I’ve loved it since the days when listening to a podcast in the car meant burning it to a CD and loading the CD into the player in your dashboard.

Dark days, those were.

Podcasts have almost completely replaced radio and have provided me so many hours of enjoyment. Apart from the convenience of selecting from a smorgasbord of content at whatever time of my choosing, the huge leap is the breadth of content that’s become available, content that’s free from the economics of lowest-common denominator broadcasting.

Whatever obscure thing you’re into, there’s somebody out there who’s into it more and is talking into a microphone about it for you to listen to for free. This is truly a beautiful thing.

And now I have my own. Pinky finger to lip, maniacal laughter.

Brimful Podcast is a commute-length weekly podcast where I explain any technology in the news that week. The impetus for the show was my long-standing frustration with the inept way mainstream media covers technology and a desire to set the record straight.

Hence Brimful Podcast.

On weeks where technology hasn’t been that visible in the news, I explain the technologies that are all around us every day and that most people don’t know about, much less think about.

Please take a minute to check out Brimful on iTunes and visit the site.

And since I’m quite the marketing maven, the podcast even has its own Twitter account.

Do check it out and I hope you enjoy! Feedback is of course welcome.

You have thoughts? Send me an email!