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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 12 February 2004]

Die Windows Update, die, die, die

After the latest oopsie revelations from Microsoft, I spent some quality time with Windows Update. Did monkeys design this thing? I’m too disgusted right now to get into a play-by-play of the brainlessness of this foul fiend from the abyss, but suffice it to say that it stands as a stellar example of creating an app that lets the user perform the task, yet at the same time manages to make it as convoluted and non-intuitive as possible.

For the love of your market share, put in a freaking check box that says “Get all updates.” Not just the critical updates, or the not-so-critical updates, or the driver updates, or whatever, but just let me get them all without clicking around like I get paid by the click.


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