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[By Nic Lindh on Sunday, 08 February 2004]

Fink goes defeatist

Fink, cool as it is, has a definite defeatist attitude. After a certain number of source downloads have failed, forcing you to “Retry using another mirror,” “Retry using next mirror set,” and those kinds of things, it goes into what can only be called Defeatist Mode. As soon as a download fails, the default answer becomes “Give up.”

No, I’m not giving up. And I’m not particularly appreciating you making me pick a number instead of just hitting return, or even better to just keep trucking on your own. I want you to sit there till the sun goes super nova and try to download sources without my having to type the mighty number 4, that’s what I want.

I tell you, those computers are getting uppity and lazy, that’s what’s happening.

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