The Core Dump

A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures

[By Nic Lindh on Sunday, 08 February 2004]

Stress test that rig

Just when it seemed safe to use Gnome, Ranger Rick announces the fruits of his labors to port KDE over to the Mac. It’s Saturday, so what the heck, let’s paint the town red, right?fink install bundle-kde-ssl produces the following output:The following package will be installed or updated:bundle-kde-sslThe following 228 additional packages will be installed:amor ark arts arts-dev arts-shlibs atlantik automake1.6 automake1.8 cervisia dcoprss docbook-bundle docbook-dsssl-ldp ekg-ssl ekg-ssl-shlibs flashkard flex-devel fribidi fribidi-dev fribidi-shlibs glut glut-shlibs gnupg help2man imagemagick kaddressbook kalarm kalzium kandy kapptemplate karbon karm kasteroids katomic kbabel kbackgammon kbattleship kblackbox kbounce kbruch kbugbuster kcachegrind kcalc kcharselect kchart kcoloredit kde-extra-screensavers kde-extra-sounds kde-extra-themes kde-extra-wallpapers kde-icons-classic kde-icons-ikons kde-icons-kids kde-icons-locolor kde-icons-slick kde-icons-technical kde-kfile-image-plugins kde-panel-eyes kde-panel-fifteen kde-panel-worldwatch kdeaccounts-plugin kdeartwork3 kdeartwork3-base kdebase3-ssl kdebase3-ssl-dev kdebase3-ssl-shlibs kdeedu3 kdeedu3-base kdeedu3-common kdegames3 kdegames3-base kdegames3-common kdegraphics3 kdegraphics3-base kdelibs3-ssl kdelibs3-ssl-dev kdelibs3-ssl-shlibs kdenetwork3 kdenetwork3-base kdenetwork3-misc kdepasswd kdepim3 kdepim3-base kdepim3-common kdesdk3 kdesdk3-base kdesdk3-extra-kfile-plugins kdesdk3-scripts kdessh kdetoys3 kdetoys3-base kdeutils3 kdeutils3-base kdf kdvi kedit keduca kenolaba kfax kfloppy kformula kfouleggs kgamma kget kghostview kgoldrunner khangman khexedit kiconedit kig kiten kivio kjots kjumpingcube klettres klickety klines kmahjongg kmail kmessedwords kmines kmoon kmplot kmrml knewsticker knode knotes kodo koffice koffice-base koffice-common kolf kompare konquest kontact kooka kopete korganizer korn kpaint kpat kpdf kpercentage kpf kpilot kpoker kpovmodeler kpresenter krdc kregexpeditor kreversi krfb kruler ksame kshisen ksim ksirc ksirtet ksmiletris ksnake ksnapshot ksokoban kspaceduel kspread kspy kstars ksvg ksync ktalk kteatime ktimer ktnef ktouch ktron ktuberling ktux kugar kuickshow kuiviewer kverbos kview kvoctrain kwalletmanager kweather kwikdisk kwin4 kword kworldclock kworldclock-maps lesstif lesstif-shlibs libcapsinetwork libcapsinetwork-dev libidn libidn-shlibs libmal libmal-shlibs libmath++ libmath++-dev libusb libusb-shlibs lisa lskat net-snmp-ssl-dev openmotif3 openmotif3-shlibs openslp-ssl-dev openslp-ssl-shlibs openssl097 pcre pcre-bin pcre-shlibs pilot-link9 pilot-link9-shlibs poxml qt3 qt3-designer qt3-doc qt3-linguist qt3-shlibs quanta sane-backends sane-backends-shlibs scheck umbrello wv2 wv2-shlibs xfontpath xpdfDo you want to continue? [Y/n]_Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you?_Music: Stream from Secret Agent.

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