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[By Nic Lindh on Monday, 01 March 2004]

More on the AT&T upgrade phone

Last week us “valued customers” received our free “no strings attached” upgrade message from AT&T that they’re sending us “valued customers” an “upgrade” phone, so that instead of suffering through using the T68i we can enjoy life with a T226 which lacks essentially all the good features of the T68i, for which we paid through the nose at point of purchase.

Jonathan Hudson has done some more research on this, and it looks like “valued customers” are getting an “upgrade” phone because AT&T are switching their network to “850 band,” whatever that is, and the T68i will stop working.

Hey, I’m all for progress, but if you’re going to force me to get a new phone, at least give me one with feature parity! This is unbelievably shitty of AT&T. Plus, if us “valued customers” don’t send our T68i back to AT&T, we will be charged. Of course, you can get a discount on a better phone if you lock yourself into a two-year contract.

This is pretty freaking far from good…

Oh, and AT&T? I was thinking about switching my local landline to your service. Guess what, cha-cha? Not gonna happen.

Not that I’m upset or anything.

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