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[By Nic Lindh on Tuesday, 09 March 2004]

More on the AT&T upgrade

Wired has picked up on the AT&T phone “upgrade” program. Not much new in the article, but it’s good to see it getting more play.

Received my own personal “valued customer” “upgrade” phone yesterday. The T226 is about the same size as the T68i, but flatter, without the sensuous bulge of the T68i. Methinks half the physical size of the phone is occupied by a speaker, because the thing can get loud if you want it to. Reception is better–don’t know if it’s due to the T226 using both bands, or if the phone itself has better reception.

The GUI on the T226 feels slower than on the T68i–could be due to the screen having more colors, but is nevertheless annoying, as you can literally watch it draw dialog boxes.

I’m going to need to call AT&T and bully them into getting me another phone. From looking around on the net, it’s possible to get them to send you a Bluetooth phone, but they seem to take a pretty hard line on forcing you to sign up for a two-year contract. After this, and with all the uncertainty in the air with the Cingular merger, a two-year contract with this outfit is not something I want.

Decisions, decisions.

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