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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 14 July 2004]

Review: Darwin’s Children

Darwin’s Children continues the tale of human evolution begun in Darwin’s Radio, and is a solid and compelling albeit ultimately unsatisfying sequel.

Greg Bear’s writing is as usual first rate, and his story of how society deals with the virus children is told in such a way the book is hard to put down, making it one of those dreaded novels that make you look at your bedside clock and realize it’s already two in the morning but you really have to read another chapter.

If you loved Darwin’s Radio, Darwin’s Children is a good sequel, but its focus more on how society reacts to the virus children rather than the children themselves is a bit disappointing. There are some rumors on the Intarweb that Darwin’s Children is the second installment of a trilogy, so perhaps Bear is holding back for the third installment…

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