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[By Nic Lindh on Tuesday, 13 July 2004]

Water falling from sky...

So scared and confused … water falling from sky … are the gods angry with the Desert Dwellers?

But seriously, 40% humidity and 110F does not lead to a happy out of doors experience.

Which goes to prove how good the human brain is at repressing bad experiences. Every year it’s the same thing: May rolls around and it gets, well, a bit warmish. But it’s no big deal. Then in June, the sun goes into full-on blowtorch mode but the humidity stays in the single digits. “Not a big deal,” the desert dweller says to himself, “sure it’s hot and all, but totally doable;” then Mother Nature pulls out the big gun and ratchets up the humidity and all of a sudden the unremembered pain is back–“Kee-rist it is f-ing hot,” the desert dweller says to himself.

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