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[By Nic Lindh on Saturday, 26 March 2005]

Easter fun

Chicken stickersThey had an Easter party at Andrea’s day care yesterday, and one of the parents brought in Easter baskets for all the children. The baskets had candy, plastic eggs, and the other usual Easter type stuff. They also had a couple of cute little chicken-in-egg stickers, which Andrea decided to share with me. Sharing is good.

One of the things I’ve had on my mind lately is how to explain to her where food comes from—that the delicious steak is actually a piece of the carcass of a cow, that pork chops come from piglet, and all of that.

Turns out my worries may have been groundless. As we were talking, she pointed to the stickers on my hand and cheerfully exclaimed, “Chicken nuggets!”

She’s a good little omnivore.

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