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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 11 May 2005]


Today is day two of the laminate flooring adventure, and what should we come home to but to find out that the work crew did not show up.

No call, no nothing. Just didn’t show up.

Oh joy. So the house is in a complete uproar, just like last night.

Had a somewhat tense conversation with the contractor, who was absolutely fuming about the absence of his crew. He’s going to throw in some freebies to make amends, but it’s not about that, just about getting the service we’re paying through the nose for. (Oh yeah, this kind of stuff is not cheap.)

Nobody knows why they elected to not show up today, but it seems not unthinkable that it has something to do with today being Latino stick it to the Man day.

Hey, I’m all for people being treated fairly, but I am not for wild cat strikes, and I’m most certainly not for having my house being a construction zone for longer than it has to.

It’s just never easy, is it?

Am able to post this by leeching off my neighbor’s wireless from the old iBook, as all my networking equipment is scattered all over the house. So thank you neighbor, whoever you are, for leaving your access point wide open.

Incidentally, being a terminally curious sort, decided to visit and yep, default Linksys factory password. One day I’ll triangulate and figure out who the neighbor is and offer to lock their gear down for them. In the meantime, they seem to be protecting themselves the ghetto way by powering the device down at night, so I’d better stop rambling and post this.

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