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[By Nic Lindh on Friday, 13 May 2005]


There has been more drama regarding the flooring installation, which I am way too tired to retell at this point, but it looks like things are moving in the right direction. The office is now achingly close to being ready for the computing infrastructure supporting my Evil Empire to be reactivated, and we have high hopes the Laminate Adventure will be over by tomorrow night or Saturday.

At which point the Tile Adventure can commence.

Ended up having to make an Ikea run for more laminate tonight, necessitating two runs as the Accord with the tremendously over-large subwoofer in the trunk simply will not take much payload. Ended up spending the equivalent of a Mac Mini in extra flooring. Not that I mind. Who needs a Mini, anyway? People with wall-to-wall carpets, that’s who.

In the meantime I do have a bunch of book reviews queued up and hope to write and post them once things return to normal.

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