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[By Nic Lindh on Tuesday, 17 May 2005]

Random observations

The flooring is done, the workers have left, the house is in a state of utter disarray, and the stress of last week’s activities seems to have monkey wrenched my immune system, so I have that jiggly feeling of a fever coming on.

So what better way to waste some precious time that could be spent organizing the house than by shoveling some silly bits onto the intarweb?

Thusly, some random observations:

Listening to the radio in the car, was aurally assaulted by Gwen Stefani, who seems quite concerned about the world’s sneaking suspicion that she may indeed be a hollaback girl, whatever that is. So I thought I’d do her a favor and pass on the word that she is as a matter of fact not a hollaback girl. You’re welcome.

Kick yourself if you didn’t watch or Tivo Saturday Night Live last weekend. Will Ferrell hosted, Queens of the Stone Age performed. Ferrell did his Cow Bell dude all the way through the Queens’ first song. Sublime. Surely a capture must be floating around somewhere?

Jay Pinkterton is a demented individual, and this piece made me snort coffee through my nose. Long, but oh so worth it.

Am experiencing cognitive dissonance regarding Revenge of the Sith. Will it be good or will all hope once again be crushed by Lucas’s money-grubbing, artistically bankrupt way? Oh, woe is me. If only that whole franchise hadn’t been branded into me at such an impressionable age. It’s not right to care that much about a movie that’s marketed at McDonald’s.

Phoenix broke the 100 Fahrenheit mark for the first time this year. Let the annual shunning of the blistering orb of pain begin. UV index holding steady at 10. Fair-skinned people spark like forks in a microwave.

Watched five minutes of CSI: Miami a few days ago. Stunned and appalled at what passed for dialog. Turned the TV off quickly before they could start butchering the concept of plot.

Now it’s time to creep off to bed…

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