The Core Dump

A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures

[By Nic Lindh on Saturday, 14 May 2005]

Systems are go

Ah yes, the Evil Computer Infrastructure is back online and now seated on laminate flooring, which means that the Evil Empire is once again unencumbered by earthly constraints.

Looking at the to-do list, it seems we’re a bit behind schedule on World Domination, which has wreaked havoc with the Ruling With an Iron Fist action item.

Hmm. Obviously corners will have to be cut.

But in all—or at least some—seriousness, the Laminate Flooring Adventure seems to be sailing toward a safe harbor, with most of the work done. This is a very good thing, as it means we can actually start using our house again.

Getting the Evil Computer Infrastructure back together yielded a few Teaching Moments. Number one of those is, When you put all of your computer equipment and the many, many cables associated therewith away, no matter how stressed, pressed for time, and tired you are, “Thou Shalt Organize Thine Cables With the Holy Rubber Bands. For if Thou Simply Throwest Thine Cables in a Big Honking Box Willy-Nilly Thine Cables Shall Be an Utter Mess and Thou Shalt Hate Thineself Whilst Unwrapping Them.”

Methinks that one belongs on a stone tablet somewhere.

Strangely enough, in a few days I’ll be able to think and blog about something else than this…

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