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[By Nic Lindh on Monday, 21 November 2005]

Top 20 geek novels

I’m utterly chagrined I missed a chance to vote on the top 20 geek novels. Despite only getting a 132 votes, it’s a pretty interesting and comprehensive list.

The ones I haven’t read are: 14, Consider Phlebas; 19, The Illuminatus! Trilogy; and 20, Trouble with Lichen. Excellent … an Amazon order will be placed shortly.

I do wonder, though, whatever happened to The Lord of the Rings? Is it just so ingrained in the geek psyche that nobody even thought to include it? Because, seriously, if you’re a geek, you read LOTR when you were twelve. And then you named a computer Gandalf. Nobody ever said being a geek was pretty.

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