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[By Nic Lindh on Friday, 16 December 2005]

Posting from somewhere over the Atlantic

This is teh awesome! Posting this from a Scandinavian Airlines flight somewhere over the Atlantic. SAS has equipped all their transatlantic flights with wireless, and by a happy alignment of the stars Andrea fell asleep just as a nice gentleman showed up with a 30 minutes free promo. So there we go.

So, a flight update: A 60 minute line to check in with United followed by a shorter line to get to security check where shoes were removed, laptop taken out of bag, and Andrea almost got lost. As a bonus, my belt buckle got me two strikes in the metal detector, which led to my being taken aside and hand searched. Good times.

Flight on time to Chicago, where we had to switch terminals, which involved a tram ride and having to exit the Secure Area and thus going through yet another Checkpoint Charlie. Shoes off, again. Andrea sailed through the metal detector with her teddy bear. That was a no-no, so teddy got a ride through the scanner.

But Andrea was happy enough. That was teddy’s adventure.

Made the flight to Stockholm just as they started boarding. Whew.

Soundtrack: Jet Engines

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