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[By Nic Lindh on Sunday, 30 July 2006]

Review: Old Man’s War

With Old Man’s War, John Scalzi picks up Heinlein’s fallen mantle and runs with it†—the basic premise is that in the future humanity has spread out from Earth and has met other alien races, a surprising amount of whom are in no way interested in sharing the galaxy, and thus there is war; old people are given the option of joining the army, with rumors floating around that there is a means to rejuvenate these older people and get them into fighting shape…

Apart from cranking up the sex and gore, Scalzi manages to channel Heinlein to an almost eerie degree. If you’re a fan of Heinlein—or even if you were when you were a teenager—Old Man’s War is a fun romp, and one that leaves you wanting more.

Scalzi also operates an enjoyable blog that is worth adding to your feed reader.

†Yeah, that put a strange image in my head too.

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