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[By Nic Lindh on Sunday, 30 July 2006]

Review: Century Rain

Departing from the Revelation Space universe of his previous novels, with Century Rain Alastair Reynolds creates a near-future where Earth has become a wasteland after nano machines have gone amok. The only human survivors are the descendants of the inhabitants of space stations around Earth at the time of the apocalypse.

It’s difficult to write about the plot without introducing serious spoilers, so let’s just say it’s … odd. Interesting, but odd. Not that there’s anything wrong with odd.

The problem with Century Rain is that it is very draggy and loaded with scenes that don’t take the plot anywhere. It’s certainly readable, but be prepared for skimming. If you haven’t read any Reynolds before, the Revelation Space series (linked below) is where you want to begin. If you become a fan boy, by all means give Century Rain a chance.

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