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[By Nic Lindh on Tuesday, 08 August 2006]

Finding the right color

Here’s a tip if you’re looking to do some painting but aren’t sure about which colors to go with: If there’s an Ikea in your area, go there and take a look at the colors in their room mock-ups. They put the color used on each wall.

The colors they use are Benjamin Moore, but you can still keep it cheap, since Home Depot can match most Benjamin Moore colors—just write down the name of the color and they can look it up in a database, then mix it on the fly.

Being able to see the color on a large area in a room instead of projecting from a tiny little swatch can be a real confidence-builder and allow you to go with colors you otherwise may not have felt comfortable experimenting with, such as Brookside Moss and Roasted Almond Seed.

Just a tip.

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