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[By Nic Lindh on Tuesday, 07 November 2006]

Voter fatigue

Update: Well, that went rather well. And the fallout has begun, with Rummy “stepping down”. Good effing riddance.

From the CNN story linked above:

And Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who had intervened in the past to shore up Rumsfeld, issued a statement saying, “Washington must now work together in a bipartisan way – Republicans and Democrats – to outline the path to success in Iraq.”

Can you imagine what saying that must have done to Frist’s blood pressure?


Tomorrow is my first election day as an American citizen. And what a doozy it is.

Though I’ve been in the States for a long time now, and have certainly been paying attention to each and every election along the way, this has to be the dirtiest, sleaziest, most nauseating expression of democracy I’ve ever encountered.

And to make things even worse I’m in Arizona, where we get to vote on stomach-churning propositions like 107.

Conventional wisdom has it that this election is a referendum on the Bush administration, with an energized Democratic Party that might actually be able to locate its own anus with only one hand and a flashlight. We’ll see.

If this election really is a referendum on the current administration, then it’ll be interesting to see if treating the Constitution like toilet paper, abolishing habeas corpus, not even managing a coherent response to a natural disaster with four days’ advance warning, sending more than two thousand American soldiers to their deaths in an ill-defined and unplanned war that does nothing to increase the security of America, having congressmen sent to prison for rampant corruption and influence peddling, keeping a known pederast in Congress since his votes would be hard to replace, legalizing torture, and attempting to remove all checks and balances and turn the President into a King is something the American people are actually OK with, or if that’s beyond the pale.

At this point, I just want it to be over. I want this bad taste out of my mouth.

So if you’re in the States and eligible to vote, do not punk out tomorrow or I’ll be forced to think very bad thoughts about you.

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