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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 19 July 2007]

Review: Twilight Watch

Brings the Nightwatch trilogy to a satisfying end.

Twilight Watch is the third novel in Sergei Lukyanenko’s Night Watch trilogy, and continues the story begun in the other two installments.

Lukyanenko continues building up his universe, and the novel reveals more of how the world of the Others actually works while introducing some interesting new characters.

It’s fast-moving and gritty, and apart from endless plot twists and turns also delves deeper into the differences between light and dark others, in the process making everybody more grey.

If you’ve read the other two installments in the series, I defy you to not read this one and find out how the story ends.

Unfortunately, it suffers a bit from third-novel syndrome, with the author it seems getting a bit bored with the limitations of his characters and upping the ante a bit too much for the climax, but it’s still a great ride.

Mopey, conflicted Russian magicians are fun!

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