The Core Dump

A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures

[By Nic Lindh on Saturday, 08 September 2007]

Shiny Crescent

Nic moves his site to a new server. Excitement! Drama! Jazz hands!

If you felt a great disturbance in the force today, it’s because I spent some quality nerd time switching over to a new server. So yes, the site was in a state of flux for a few minutes, and the entire Internet wept.

Or not.

The move was to a shiny new Solaris machine, as Joyent is phasing out their aging FreeBSD machines with new groovy hardware and software.

Speaking of Joyent, I’m actually starting to feel a little bit guilty about the insane value I’m getting out of my lifetime deal. If I ever run into any of the crew I’ll have to buy them lots of beer to assuage my guilt.

For readers this move really shouldn’t mean anything, except for the site running a bit faster and hopefully with even less downtime than the previous server, which was a total champ.

Excelsior, etc.

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