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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 24 July 2008]

Too soon?

Apple gets greedy with MobileMe.

Despite the whole brouhaha about Apple’s switch from .Mac to MobileMe it seems I’m in the mostly-snag-free minority. Which is good.

But there’s one teensy detail it seems the UI wizards at Apple have overlooked, namely the MobileMe preference pane. My account just happened to renew the other day, and here’s what the preference pane had to say:

Renew Now. Now, we say. Now!

I don’t know, but maybe somebody could put the Greed-O-Matic in neutral and put in some kind of conditional text there? Like, say, if you have more than 360 days left on your yearly account, it could say something like, “Thanks for renewing.”

I nag because I care.

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