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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 05 November 2008]

Come together

Nic is excited about Barack Obama’s election win.

Barack Obama

Source: Damon Winter / The New York Times

The 2008 presidential election is over, and the American people have spoken out for hope and change. Bearing recent history in mind, this is a huge relief and opportunity. Everybody involved in the Obama campaign should feel proud of their work.

But now the real work begins. It’s time to undo eight years of incompetence, corruption, and contempt for the rule of law; it’s time to rebuild America. It will be an enormous struggle, and success will depend on the American people coming together and leaving the rancor of the campaign behind. It’s time to show what America can be, what America should be.

At this moment, I feel hopeful. I think we can do it. I don’t know what my part will be, but I’m determined to play a part in creating positive change.

One thing is clear, and that is we must keep up the pressure on the lunatic fringe of American politics. The lunatic fringe is an albatross that’s dragging us all down.

It’s time to get back to respectful disagreement between philosophies instead of hate mongering.

It’s time to kick the fundamentalists back into their dank church basements.


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