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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 08 January 2009]

It’s ... the fuuuuuture

The future is distributed to Nic and his idolization of William Gibson grows.

Every once in a while I’m struck by an epiphany that, wow, things really have changed thanks to modern technology.

I was sitting on the bus in the morning using my trusty iPhone as an entertainment center, all very casual. And then I realized that I’m sitting there in my half-awake state, on a moving bus, listening to music, reading the New York Times online, and checking my email on a single device that fits in my pocket. And then I watched a video of the previous evening’s news from Sweden. On the bus.

When you think of it, not only is it insane that you can do those things using nothing but consumer-grade hardware and software, but that it’s so easy it’s almost mindless. Click and drool, and there you go, the information of the world in your hand.

It’s really time we started worshipping William Gibson as the messiah he is.

Of course, I’m still waiting for my implants, but what we have isn’t half-bad.

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