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A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures

[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 03 September 2009]

Seriously, what the hell?

Once again, shrill nutbags get under Nic’s skin.

President Obama is planning an address to school children on Sept. 8 about the values of education and staying in school.

Great, right? The sitting president, who is a fantastic orator, is going to spend time showing his support for education.

NO, NO, NO! Oh, you fools! He is going to brainwash and indoctrinate them into … well … something FASCIST or COMMUNIST or perhaps even MUSLIM … who knows, but indoctrination!

So the school district my daughter attends is forced to send out a defensive e-mail JUSTIFYING their decision to have the children watch a speech by the, let me repeat myself here, sitting president of the United States of America.

But Nic, you say, you’re a huge liberal/fascist/communist/whatever; of course you’re going to want the children indoctrinated by Obama.

NO. I want my child to hear a message from the, AGAIN, sitting president of the United States of America on the value of education.

And what if Bush had wanted to do the same thing? Even though I loathe him, his administration, and his policies, I would still have wanted my daughter to hear the message from the, say it with me, people: president of the United States of America.

Because guess what? This IS the United States of America, and we are supposed to respect the presidency, if not the president.

Remember those days, when the same bunch of wingnuts who are going to pull their kids out of school on Sept. 8 were screaming about how questioning the president was supporting the enemy and being a traitor? Remember?

Were you one of those people?

Put up or shut up. Let your child hear the—for the last time—sitting president of the United States of America speak, or man up and admit you hate democracy and America.

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